6: Welcome hell!

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BTS pov

We were now sitting in our living room exhausted. We just came from our mission of 2 days in Paris. Dad told us to gather in the living room. He has something important to announce. We wonder what it be? We were scrolling through our phone when one news from our school caught our eyes.

It was something about a girl SOYUN. We made a disgusted face and looked at each other. Another slut means another annoying fangirl. They won't let us live peacefully. We heard dad coming so we stood up amd smiled tiredly.

How're u doing boys!
Fine dad.
We said in a sync.
How was the mission?
Jin:Very well dad.
That's good.
Suga: Why did u called us dad. We're tired!
Suga said whining.
Yes...i called u for an announcement. Actually...I'm getting married with my girlfriend.
Jimin: Ok then. Wait
Rm: Dad r u sick? I think u need rest.

No namjoon I'm totally fine. I'm not sick.
V said increasing his voice.
Taehyung. I warn u lower ur voice.
V: Well what do u expect? Ur bringing a gold digger as our mom-
Shut ur fucking mouth taehyung. Don't forget that u r talking to ur DAD!!!
Hobi: V said nothing wrong dad. U can't just brought someone as ur mother so suddenly.
Its not suddenly. I know her for 2 months and i love her.

Jungkook: Wow dad. Ur unbelievable. How could u assure that THAT woman is NOT a gold digger who's after ur wealth?
Listen boys. She's ur mother. Whether u accept it or not. And she's totally unknown to the real world cuz she's very pure. I know her cuz she's my p.s. And also i tested her in a various ways.
V: That means u r marrying ur p.s??
Yes. Any problem with that?
Suga: We have problem with the whole thing.
Jin: Dad r u sure again? Cuz...u know...everyone can't stay in our MAFIA empire. It's dangerous.
Rm: And moreover, she could be a spy! Of our rival gang.
Suga:Or just a slut.

YOONGI!!! RESPECT! Listen boys. They're coming today here for dinner. Don't make me repeat. RESPECT!
Yeah you'll have a stepsister as well.
Jungkook: *that would be fun! Smirk*
Jimin: *Another slut?*
Suga: *One pair of slut*
Andd...the marriage is gonna happen even if u don't like.
BTS: We don't accept them as our family.
U will my sons. Now get ready. And end of discussions.

With that, dad left us angry and frustrated.
Jhope:What the heelll!
He said banging his fist on the table causing the table break.
Kook: but huyngs...don't u think it's FUN to have a lil sis? We can have fun! *smirk*
Jimin: well u r right kook. *smirk*
V: yeah we'll make her life a LIVING HELL.
Suga: Whatever I'm going to sleep.

With that, everyone left the living room. But the maknae line was planning something evil to make her life worse than before.

Time skip after Soyun's arrival

We heard dad calling us and we went there with an unbothered boring look. We saw the two obstacles of our life standing there. She was smiling at us but don't know why it seemed to be forced smilie. But probably trying her best not to show the slut she was. She was none other than SOYUN. Well she's beautiful and without makeup. Moreover, she didn't look like a slut. Well probably trying to impress us. But sry hun...we didn't fall. *We're gonna be her worst nightmare.* They thought.

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