Chapter 2: An Odd Table

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Once you went down from the stairs, you saw the others already eating pancakes, the first plate was already empty, the second plate has a quarter left of pancakes while the third one, well, it was left untouched, it was a pyramid of rolled up pancakes, waiting to be dismantled, piece by piece.

As you walked near the table, you picked a seat between the angel and the three hounds. You took your seat between them and picked a piece and put it on your plate. While you were eating, you only kept your eyes and hands to yourself.

You already had a feeling that a few eyes were unto you but you still kept to yourself. Until you glanced around to see some of the demons including the angel setting their eyes on you.

Y/N: "What? Something the matter.. if I may ask?" You stuttered that last part.

Modeus: "Hmm.. Taker, is he your beloved brother?" She'd ask.

Helltaker: "Not really my brother but he's a close friend of mine." He'd answer her question.

Modeus: "Oh.. but do you mind us of having the both of you instead, yes?" Your eyes widened at what she said.

You looked at Helltaker, deep in the eyes underneath that jet black circular shades of his. Half of your mind wants it while the other half doesn't. Most of the time, you'll stick with the other side. But this, certainly is a hard one to make a choice out of.

Y/N: "It'd better be a reasonable one, man. Answer." You silently mumbled to him.

Suddenly Modeus' head starts blowing out steam and her cheeks are beet red as she covers her whole face with the palms of her hands.

Helltaker: "Well.. it's certainly for him to decide." He'd shrug.

Y/N: "You.. motherfucker." You'd facepalm yourself.

Lucifer started chuckling at the scene until she clears her throat to speak.

Lucifer: "Well, I don't see any problem on this. Don't you think, Helltaker?" She'd wink.

Helltaker: "Yeah, I don't see a problem at all, I'd say were pretty even." He'd smile.

Lucifer: "Thank you, dear." She turned her attention to the lustful demon. "What about you Modeus, what's your take on this?"

Modeus: "I.. um.. damn it, why did I start asking those?" She suddenly starts blowing off more steam and an audible sound of a steam pot can be heard directly from her.

Y/N: "Uhh.. okay then, why'd they call you 'Helltaker' if you don't mind me asking? That an honorable name or something?"

Lucifer: "Actually, I can answer that. To put it simply, he successfully took, well, all of us from Hell itself, henceforth known as Helltaker. And that's where it actually started." She took another bite of her chocolate pancake.

Y/N: "Right, but what about Hell? Do you think it can take care of itself?"

Lucifer: "I'm sure it can. Besides, just wanna take off all the stress from the throne for awhile."

A thought has struck your mind, you think it's wise not to ask too many questions otherwise you'll irritate the Queen of Hell or perhaps every demon at the table.

Y/N: "It must've took alot of charisma eh? Is that so, Taker?"

Helltaker: "All I did was just say yes, catchy phrases, and offers, no questions asked."

Y/N: "Oh. That's pretty surprising. How the fuck..?" You mumbled that last part.

Eventually though, you finished your meal on the table and went in to the kitchen to get something to drink.. or something strong to drown your own sorrows. But it's ten in the evening and you have work tomorrow, so why in the world would you wanna drink? No. Instead, you simply grabbed a bottled frappuccino from the fridge and walked back to the table.

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