7: Fake News

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Soyun pov

Welcome hell baby sister!

I saw all of my brothers looking at me with am evil smirk. What's up with them? I thought. But i thought they're just joking around so i smiled and chuckled. They looked at me raising one eyebrow. Then i spoke calmy.
Ur acting r nice oppas!

They looked at each other for a moment when the maknae line bursted out laughing. Now i was very much confused. In a second, they were on their evil side again. They were glaring at me like they're gonna kill me at any moment. I gulped nervously and asked.

W-what's wrong oppas...?
The maknae line looked away somewhat disgusted when rm oppa came forward. Titling his head on one side, examining me...which made me uncomfortable. But it didn't last long as hobi oppa came forward and spoke in a cold and shivering tone.

So all we saw is true? Those news..?
I looked at him surprised and confused. Then hobi oppa showed me a picture which left me shock. I was never such shocked in my whole entire life!
It was....


Harassing me........

It was the pic from the mall. Tears formed in my eyes and i covered my mouth. It was clearly visible that i was harassed but this was used in a wrong way. That bastard used this to spread rumours about me! Now the whole thing was clear to me. Sehun's surprise, everyone looking at me disgusted, whispering about me...everything!

I looked at them with teary eyes but they left out a bitter chuckle.
Nice acting slut.
Jungkook said rolling his eyes. I was about to say something when i got interrupted by jimin.
Huh! Probably thinking how she missed the chance of being on our bed!

I looked at him wide eyes with tears streaming down my cheeks. I looked down as i bite my lips. I spoke with my trembling voice.
O-opp-a can't u see...these are-
Shut up u slut! Don't u dare to call us oppa with ur dirty mouths!!!
Suga said yelling which made me startled. But i was so desperate to make them trust me so i spoke.
B-but-t opp-a-

I couldn't complete my sentence as taehyung growled.
U bitch!!!
He said while gripping my hairs tightly. It was painful like hell. I closed my eyes tightly and crying silently. Still, i was begging them.
P-plz....listen to me....

Tae let go my hair harshly and i stumbled backwards almost falling. But he held my shoulders tightly, clearly angry which prevented me from falling down. But only his touch made me afraid. All those horrible moments started to come up in my mind as i was trying to make myself freee from his deadly grip.

3rd person pov

Seeing soyun's sudden behaviour, all of them were confused. She was begging him to let go where tae did nothing according to them. She was speaking with her shaking voice.
P-plzz...let me go. I won't tell anyone! I won't do anything to you. But just let me go.

Tae let go her and she immediately fell in knees. She crawled backwards to a corner and started crying like a baby, hugging her knees. They were terrified by the sight in front of them. Jin's eyes softened as he was the kindest of all. He went to her with soft steps and bended to her level.

He started patting her head in a soft manner which helped her calm down a bit. She was still sobbing like a child hugger her knees. While jin was saying sweet words to her. None of the member saw their hyung like this before. They thought she've done something to him causing to melt his heart, which was TOTALLY wrong.

After almost 15 minutes, soyun calmed down and she came to her senses. All these time, everyone was looking at her sympathetically except two persons. One was suga and the other was jimin. The others immediately tuned cold when they saw her raising her head. But she quickly got up embarrassed and looked down.

Now everyone was in front of her and her gaze was down. By this time, she understood that they don't accept her as a sister which made her very sad. But she took an oath in her mind that- SHE'LL GET THEIR HEART AS A SISTER BY ANY MEANS. But then she remembered about her incident a few moment ago and mentally face palmed herself.

She apologised to them sincerely.
I-I'm sorry f-for my behaviour a f-few moments ago....
What do u expect us to say? 'I-it's o-ok-kay?'
Jungkook said in a mocking tone and the rest of them started to laugh, except jin. Jin was not like others. He had a soft corner for everyone unlike the others.

He smelled something was wrong for her behavior a few section ago. But she was extremely hurt for their joke. It was her habit. When she's scared or embarrassed, she starts shuttering.

After some time, a maid arrived telling that soyun's things has arrived. Soyun thought that this is the end so she started walking with a heaven heart. But got stopped by a voice.
Where do u think u r going?
It was rm. Soyun took a deep breath and before speaking.
I'm going to....my room?
She was slightly happy that she didn't shutter.

Then jimin spoke in a stern voice causing soyun to shiver.
Did we ever give u the permission?
She nodded her head as a disapproval looking down. She didn't have the dare to look up as they all scared her.

Taehyung didn't speak a word as one thing was bothering him very much. Why did she behaved like this? What's wrong with only holding her? Lots of queries were roaming in his head but he shook his head to get rid of all those thoughts. Probably seeking for attention. He thought.

Then suga spoke with a deadly tone.
Listen her bitch! We are not over with u yet. But we are letting u go as this is ur first day. We'll tell u all rules and regulations tomorrow. But! Don't.think.that we r sympathetic over u!
After that, jimin and jungkook spoke together.
Cuz we're gonna be ur worst nightmare!
Then jhope spoke
And make.ur.life a.living.hell!

Their words made her more afraid then she was. With that, everyone left her alone there shivering in fear. A maid came and leaded her to her new room. But she was tensed about the warning earlier given by her so called stepbrothers. She sighed heavily thinking about what's waiting for her. But what she didn't know was what they meant to be her WORST NIGHTMARE and making her life A LIVING HELL! On the other hand, what they (BTS) didn't know was how they'll regret after doing those things to her.

End of chapter 7
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