Chapter fourteen

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(Y/n) stares blankly up at her ceiling wondering why she had to wake up, her eyes red and puffy, and her nose still somewhat blocked.

By some miracle (Y/n) managed to keep herself together yesterday, going home, doing chores, making dinner, and completing homework in an almost robotic fashion. Her family threw their usual snide comments, normally it would hurt (Y/n) to the point of holding back tears, but this time she just took it all emotionlessly, eyes empty.

Only when (Y/n)s head hit her pillow did the dams break, silently shedding tears, choking back her sobs, and despite her exhaustion she spent the night tossing and turning, cursed by her thoughts to not get a wink of sleep.

Forcing herself to get up she does her usual morning routine, getting ready, preparing breakfast, and leaving before everyone else wakes up. Skipping out on another meal, and unable to find the energy to make herself lunch (Y/n) tells herself she'll just buy a school meal, and makes her usual journey to school.

(Y/n) spends the day alone, Bts never shows up solidifying to (Y/n) that they really do hate her now, and that she's truly been abandoned. While tracing the tattoo like mark on her arm, (Y/n) feels foolish that she dared to hope that she could apologise to them, and things would go back to how they were before. Now they know what she's like why would they willingly stay? Now the mark on her arm is a painful reminder to the fact she's lost them for good.

Left empty and alone (Y/n)s life returned to what it was before, everyone ignores her, being teased and tripped, and all the teachers turning a blind eye to her pitiful appearance.

Chelsea and Stephanie have been busy spreading two rumours around the school. The first being that Namjoon and Chelsea slept together on the night of the party, subtlety hinting at a possible relationship. And the second being that supposedly, two people caught (Y/n) trying to steal something causing Chelsea to throw (Y/n) out of her house.

Stephanie openly expresses her malice towards (Y/n), telling everyone but (Y/n) how she hates being blood related to a thief. While Chelsea plastered on her best performance of a saint, shedding fake tears as she tells everyone to forgive (Y/n).

Apparently Chelsea told everyone that she has many necklaces so she didn't mind giving (Y/n) one, she was just shocked that someone who she treated as a friend would attempt to steal the necklace her mother gave her. Chelsea talked about how she expects this behaviour from someone who grew up without a mother, so she "graciously" begged people to forgive (Y/n) for her.

This made people hate (Y/n) even more. Just being labeled as a thief made peoples opinion and treatment of (Y/n) get worse, Chelsea's little saintly performance made people actively take actions against (Y/n) since "poor" "sweet" Chelsea didn't do anything to defend herself.

Avoiding all eye contact (Y/n) shrinks in on herself as she lines up for a school lunch, she feels the hate filled glares burn her skin but with no one willing to talk to her, she has no idea why everyone's gazes became so hostile, she is completely clueless.

Taking a shaky breath (Y/n) wishes she didn't wake up this morning as she grabs a random sandwich and drink, paying £2.22. Turning (Y/n) tries to retreat somewhere safe, suddenly a violent force pushes past her causing (Y/n) to drop her lunch and collapse to the floor.

Immediately she gets up and apologises to the guy, luckily her food is protected by its plastic wrapper so (Y/n) goes to pick it up. The random guy just scoffs and kicks (Y/n)s sandwich away from her, under his breath he spits just loud enough for (Y/n) to hear, "disgusting thief, Chelsea shouldn't have let you off so easily." Everyones eyes are glued onto them, but no one speaks up, they all just snicker to each other.

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