chapter seven

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(there are lots of different pov's in this chapter and many of them are just going over different peoples views on the same events, i apologise that the character is quite long, i also went back and have edited a couple things in the previous chapters, nothing major so don't worry, sorry for any disturbance ~author)

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y/n pov

after they had gotten rid of the raiders i was still shaking, i didn't feel good at all.

tae-"how about you go wait in the car for a few minutes, okay?" he said in a gentle and reassuring tone while holding onto my shoulder.

all the other boys were looking at me, maybe trying to see if i was okay since i was avoiding eye contact with all of them.

i tried to answer tae's question but nothing came out so i gave a nod and went straight to the car into my seat as fast as i could

sitting in my seat i started to think about what had just happened, 'what would have happened if they would have taken me?' i thought and then remembered what that man had said 'we need to restart the human population some how'

how could he say that? i am just a kid!

i feel so disgusted, sick and tired. why did this have to happen to me?

i sat in my seat trying to slow down my breathing which i didn't realise had began getting increasingly faster and faster as the minutes went by

my heart began to race faster as i felt a strong pain in my chest. i began sweating and shaking like crazy while tears streamed down my face like a water fall

i knew what was happening, i was having another panic attack, i used to get them all the time when i had to stay with him

whenever my parents would go away on business trips i would have to stay at his house, it was like hell to me

he was my uncle

my parents trusted him, of course they did, they had no reason not to

i trusted him, that had all changed after that first night i stayed after he had started drinking

he had become an alcoholic after his wife had left him, he was very angry now, he used to be kind, although when i look back on it now, his kind actions to me were kind of always a bit suspicious

he would always take me shopping to by clothes at a young age, take me swimming, have me sit on his lap while we were alone, i guess they weren't that bad of things and didn't seem weird in the moment and might not be now, maybe i was just over thinking it

but after that night i found out his true intentions

"he can't hurt you anymore" i said quietly to myself, none of the boys would be able to hear me since they were all having there own conversation

i tried to stop myself from looking back at those painful memories but i couldn't, well that was until i was interrupted by noticing that jimin wasn't with the boys

i looked around in a state of panic until i saw jimin walking away from the car

oh he was there


had he seen me? i hope he hadn't

soon after jimin and all the other boys had gotten into the car, including j-hope and jin, it was a very tight squeeze but we all managed to fit in somehow.

namjoon was now sat in the passenger seat next to the steering wheel that jungkook was driving and tae had moved to sit next to me, probably because i was still upset and they all could tell even though i tried to hide it.

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