Arc 1 prologue

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Subaru opened his eye's
and infront of him was a pretty small lady with long platinum hair
???:"Welcome subaru natsuki"
Subaru looked at her confused 
How did she know my name?
Subaru:"Where am I?" 
???:"You don't need to worry about that"
???:"My name is pandora the witch of vainglory" 
She smiled at him
Pandora:"Now bishop subaru"
Pandora:"Yes I forgot"
Pandora:"You have no knowledge of this world" 
Pandora pulled out a small grey box
and gave it to subaru
Subaru:"What am I supposed to do with this?" 
Pandora placed the box against subaru's chest
he began to cry and scream
feeling pain on every part of his body
Subaru rolled around on the floor
pandora kept that same smile 
Pandora:"I grant you the seat of melancholy" 
The pain in subaru stopped
for some reason even after what she did
he felt respect toward's her
Subaru got up
Pandora:"Your an archbishop representing a sin"
Subaru:"Wait aren't I supposed to be a hero?"
Pandora stopped for a moment
Subaru:"Isn't it bad representing a sin?"
Pandora shook her head
Pandora:"You felt melancholy your whole life"
Subaru's memories changed
to where he remembered them 
as if he was depressed his whole life 
Subaru:"Yes you are correct pandora-sama"
Subaru's face turned into a gloomy depressing one
Pandora:"You will receive your gospel soon"
Pandora:'Meanwhile follow me"
Subaru nodded his head and followed pandora to a church
Subaru:"Pandora-sama,May I ask what were doing here?"  
Subaru's voice had a depressing tone to it
Pandora didn't speak
She opened the door as two cloaked figures 
bowed to her
she started to walk up some stair's
subaru followed her behind
at a table
was sitting 
a pale man with green hair who looked like a decayed corpse 
a women wrapped in bandages
And a man with white hair
???:"Welcome back pandora-sama what love have to brought?" The green haired man said
Pandora smiled again
Pandora:"A new archbishop"
The white haired man spoke
???:"I am interested in this even thought my already satisfied"
???:"Is it pride?"
Pandora shook her head
???:"How can it not be pride?!"
The women in bandages spoke in wrath
Pandora:"Bishop of melancholy,subaru natsuki"
Subaru waved to them
The green haired man asked
Pandora nodded
The green haired man smiled
???:"I should introduce myself then!"
???:"I am a sin archbishop of the witches cult,representing sloth petelgeuse romanee-conti desu!"
Petelgeuse grins
The white haired man shook his head
???:"I feel like its a violation of my rights that I need to introduce myself"
???:"archbishop of greed,regulus corneas"
??:"Sin archbishop of wrath! Sirius-romanee conti"
Subaru sat down on a chair
Subaru:"Hello,Regulus,Petelgeuse,And Sirius"
Regulus got up from his chair
Regulus:"It feels like you're violating my rights by wasting my time"
Regulus left the room
Petelgeuse:"What a slothful person leaving before talking with a dilgent bishop?"
Petelgeuse turned to subaru
Petelgeuse:"Now dilgent one,What is your authority?"
Subaru looked at him confused
Petelgeuse:"The love the witch gave you"
Pandora tapped on subaru's shoulder
Subaru:"Yes pandora-sama?"
Pandora grabbed Subaru fingers
Jabbing her own chest
Pandoras ribs were crushed as she collapsed on the floor
Subaru looked up to see
Her standing there perfectly fine
As if nothing ever happened
Pandora:"Bishop romanee-conti that's his authority"
A few minute's later and the meeting is over
Subaru was sure that every archbishop he just met 
are all insane 
Subaru walk's out of the church
there were about 15 cloaked figures waiting outside for subaru 
One of them handed him a book
Subaru:"So I guess this is the gospel?" 
the cloaked figure nodded
Subaru:"So where do I go now?"
All of a sudden
Subaru was in front of a huge mansion 
on some hills 
Subaru:"What the hell?"
there was a sign on the door that
said "Natsuki subaru"
Subaru opened the door
there stood yet another cloaked figure
they bowed to him and gestured him to come in
Subaru did just that
Subaru:"So I have a mansion the first day on the job?"
Suddenly subaru had the urge
to read the gospel
Subaru took out the black covered book
He opened it and turned a page
"A silver haired half elf you will meet her at the capital"
Subaru was confused 
Where the hell was the capital anyway 
Later subaru went to bed in his room
It was more expensive then all the money 
his parent's have made in their life time
Subaru woke up the next day
He read his gospel 
which said 
"Yin magic"
Subaru:"What's yin magic?"
A cloaked figure walked in
Subaru:"Hey you,what's yin magic?"
The figure stopped 
???:"Yin magic is one of the 6 element's of magic"
???:"It's very rare"
???:"Matter of fact let me check what element you have"
The figure checked his element 
???:"It's yin magic"
???:"It can debuff your enemies"
???:"Im a master of yin magic,so I can teach you"
Subaru sighed
Subaru:"Debuffs..that's so lame" 
???:"You can use minya as an offensive spell"
???:"It shoot's out mana crystal's"
???:"Spell's can become more powerful if you add El,Ul or AL 
Subaru:"Thank's for the info,What's your name?" 
the figure stopped
???:"Uh-Uhm archbishop's rarely ask for there underneaths name's" 
???:"It's uh Asami"
Subaru took his hand out
and asami shook his hand
Meanwhile asami and subaru was outside with a 
manikin infront of subaru
Some cultist were watching them
Shard's of crystal's made from mana
with light purple flame's around it
slammed right into the manikin
Asami:"Now you try it"
Subaru held out his palm 
the crystal missed the target 
Subaru:"Im completely useless with magic"
Subaru's face turned into a gloomy one
Asami:"Try again" 
Subaru once again held out his palm
the crystal hit it's target 
Subaru trained his yin magic for 10 more hour's
he learned shamac minya and a spell called umbra manus
Umbra manus is a spell
that summons a hand below your enemy 
dragging it down to somewhere far away 
however you need to use a ton of mana
subaru woke up the next morning
he had to go to yet another meeting
Subaru sat down in the same chair as last time
he saw a couple of new face's 
a small girl with body part's that weren't human
2 teenage boy's with sharp teeth and long hair 
and a man with a helmet 
Petelgeuse the archbishop of sloth spoke
Petelgeuse:"Oh my! my brain is trembling!!"
Petelgeuse:"I have finally met pride!" 
Subaru looked at him confused 
Subaru:"Who's pride?"
Petelgeuse bit his fingers 
Petelgeuse:"How slothful of you to not notice him" 
he pointed at the man with a helmet 
Subaru:"Oh him" 
all the bishops looked up at pandora 
Pandora:"Please read your gospel's"
All the archbishop's took there's out
"Attack the city of Ema Ichirou near the border between" 
"Lugnica and the Vollachia empire"
the meeting was over 
subaru didn't even get to meet the other archbishop's 
Subaru went back to his mansion
Subaru gathered up his cultist 
There numbers in total being around the 60's" 
a day later and the archbishop's were setting up there attack
Sloth and wrath got into a fight with greed
but subaru was somehow able to stop them 
there were some knight's stationed there 
but not enough to stop them 
another day passed and the attack has begun 
cultist swoop into the city 
slaughtering countless innocent's 
Subaru felt terrible about it
but he had to follow his gospel
Subaru slaughtered 
countless people
knight's tried to defend against the attack
but 7 archbishop's 
vs some knight's isn't a fair fight 
All the knight's were killed
as the city was burnt to ashes 
Regulus:"You all did so terrible,it's slightly bothering my rights" 
Subaru:"You didn't do shit,you just sat here and watched"
Subaru frowned 
Regulus:"And? I am the most satisfied person" 
Subaru in anger held out his palm
he closed it
however this did nothing to regulus 
Regulus:"Tch who the hell do you think you are"
Regulus:"Messing with my right's?!" 
Regulus was about to kick the floor
until pandora appeared between them 
Pandora:"Bishop's please calm down" 
the two bishops bowed to pandora 
Subaru:"I am sorry pandora-sama" 
Pandora smiled
Pandora:"You don't need to apologize"
Pandora patted subaru's head
this was an odd thing to do
she never has done this to anyone
in her life span
except for flugel the sage 
Subaru:"What are you doing?" 
Pandora stopped and didn't respond 
Suddenly subaru was in his mansion 
Subaru:"What the hell?" 
Im sorry this chapter was so short 
anyway's hope you guy's enjoyed 

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