chapter nine

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⚠️discussed themes of abuse⚠️

y/n pov

my eyes snap open as i was covered in a cold sweat. my whole body was shaking and my heart pounding was violently pounding like the intoxicating rhythm of a drum

i looked around the room suspicious and paranoid that he may have followed me here

wait, where was i?

i don't remember being here

i was in a dark room on a plain coloured bed, last thing i remember i was in the car

'what if he had got me back?' i thought but tried to get rid of the thought immediately, i couldn't bare it

-flashback to y/n's dream-

i was running away from him

away from his house, in the middle of the woods, in the middle of no where

with no houses close enough to get help from

?-"no need to run princess" he said sinisterly while catching up close behind

he can't get me again! i won't let him!

i continued running through the never ending dark woods where it felt like every tree, every rock, everything was just waiting for me to make a mistake and get caught

and as it always happened, i did get caught

i was sprinting so fast whipping my head behind me every couple minutes to see if he was any closer then before but due to this i wasn't watching my feet and had been tripped up by a twisted tree root

i tried to scramble to my feet as soon as possible, ignoring my bleeding knee but i couldn't, my body wouldn't let me, it wouldn't let me run through the pain

i had to hide and i had to do it fast

it wouldn't be long till he had caught up with me

pushing myself against the floor, i tried to get behind a tree, a rock or anything that would provide me a hiding space but my luck didn't last

?-"there you are princess" i turned to see him towering over me, a cold smirk plastered on his face

me-"get away from me!" i said trying to get away

?-"no so fast!" he said and grabbed me, i knew what was coming next but i didn't want to think about it

back to present time

i looked around the room, after my eyes had adjusted even more to the darkness and spotted tae lying in a bed near me with jimin and jungkook

'oh thank god i'm still with then!' i said to myself as i cautiously stood up avoiding the sleeping jin on the floor and made my way to the bathroom so i could wash away the tears and sweat from my face

i was shivering and began to rub my head and eyes while opening the door to try and make myself fully away

after all the avoiding of legs and tiptoeing to the bathroom, i tumbled in. i looks in the mirror slowly as if not sure of what i would see, 'why am i being so paranoid? he's not here anymore, he can't hurt me'

i said to myself about to turn on the sink until i felt something on my shoulder

it was a hand, a mans hand

'oh no! he's got me!' i said in my head as i screamed loudly out of fear and jumped away, scared for my life

??-"omg y/n calm down! it's only me!"

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