chapter eleven

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still tae's pov

jimin-"he is right because she is scared when she is alone"

me-"what do you mean?"

jimin-"well, i wasn't planning on telling you because i don't think she would want you to know" he hesitated

jin-"just tell us" he said in an authoritative tone which made jimin sigh

jimin-"when i went to go fix the tyre i saw her through the car window, she was crying and having a panic attack i think....and then i heard her say something to herself...." he stopped talking and looked down

j-hope-"well what was it?"

jimin-"...she said.... 'he can't hurt you anymore' to herself..."

hearing jimin say this broke me

i cared so much about y/n and to hear that she was trying to reassure herself about this monster of a man that hurt her was painful

everything went quiet again as though people were still trying to process this

namjoon-"so now what? we just...don't leave her alone?"

jungkook-"what? we can't do that!"

namjoon-"well it's clear that she struggles when she is alone so..."

yoongi-"so you are saying, one of us, has to be with y/n at all times?"

j-hope-"are you guys crazy?"

jimin-"she will literally hate us if we give her no personal space

jungkook-"yeah girls her age need space"

namjoon-"space isn't going to help if she has panic attacks and cries when she is alone"

j-hope-"i get that we have to take care of her but constantly watching her will definitely not help anyone"

me-"what do we do then?"

jin-"um guys...there isn't much we can do anymore" he said sounding hesitant which made of of us look at him for an explanation

me-"what do you mean 'anymore'?"

jin-"well we are entering seoul now and this is where she lives so she won't be with us for much longer..."

all of us except jin who was focused on the road began to look to one and other, unsure of what to do

i was happy for her i guess

i mean she was going to see her family....if they were still alive

i just can't bare the thought that she will be leaving us, i care about her a lot

jimin was about to say something it he got cut off because we all saw y/n moving like she was about to wake up, all of us looked at her and waited

i felt the weight on my chest begin to decrease as she slowly raised her head and rubbed her tired eyes while trying to understand where she was

y/n pov

i had just woken up from my nap and began to rub my eyes until i realised all eyes were on me (except jin who was concentrating on the road)

i looked to tae and he smiled to me but his eyes didn't seem to be happy at all

me-"i-is everything alright?" after a few seconds of silence, jimin answered me

jimin-"yeah it's alright y/n"

jungkook-"um y/n"


jungkook-"well....we uh-"

jin-"we are in seoul y/n"

me-"wait what! really?"


me-"oh my god!! i'm so excited!!! i can't wait for you to meet my parents!"



yoongi-"why would we meet your parents?"

me-"well... i'm sure they will want to thank you guys for looking after me and everything..."

j-hope-"oh cool!"

after that the boys went back into conversations but i wasn't listening to what they were about, i was paying attention to the street

the streets i knew as a kid....well what was left of my childhood streets

all the pavements were cracked, dirty and covered in human remains

it was disgusting

all the buildings were crumbling and broken

it looked like a ghost town

but i'm sure there are still some people about some where, right? i mean my parents are here and they have to be alive

jin-"left or right y/n?" his voice caught my attention

me-"left" i said as i watched jin turn towards the left

i looked ahead at my once beloved street and it wasn't the same, it didn't feel like my street, i didn't feel at home

i ignored those thoughts and pushed them off

'it's probably because you haven't been here in a while'

'once you see mum and dad then every thing will be back to normal'

'it will be all okay'

i began saying them all to myself trying to reassure myself

me-"there" i said while pointing in the direction of one house, my parents house, so jin knew where to stop

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