chapter seventeen

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y/n pov

since i was now finally back in my room i was actually able to look around as once i had woken up, i had gotten out as quick as possible

i then got changed as quickly as i could and then met back with the others where tae gave me a tour

my room was actually very nice considering the circumstances

the walls were an off white colour which matched with pretty much everything else in the room

wood flooring stretched all across the room which i thought was nice, it just needed sweeping to clean it up

i was bored enough so i decided thats what i would do

walking out of my room i saw namjoon holding a broom and walking from his room that was next to mine in the direction of the kitchen

me-"wait namjoon!" i said causing him to turn to me

namjoon-"yes y/n?" he said while looking at me with concerned eyes

me-"can i use that broom?"


'why do you think i need it? to fly to the moon?!' i thought as i sighed

me-" to clean my room"

namjoon-"oh yeah sure that's fine"

me-"thank youuu" i said while running towards him to grab the broom and then running back to my room

i began to sweep all the dirt into a big pile at the edge of my room, close to the door, so i could easily throw it away once i was done

i swept everywhere and now it was very pretty and clean, despite the few scratches on the floor

moving on

although the bed was soft to sleep in, it desperately needed sorting out, it was coated in thick layers of dust underneath the blanket i had sleep on

it has a metal frame and a mattress with white sheets although they looked kind of grey due to the dust

there was a desk like chair on the opposite side of my room to my bed so i began to waft and fold blankets and put them on there

i started with the blanket the boys gave to me and folded that

i grabbed it and wafted it about until no more dust was coming off and then folded it so put it on the chair

i repeated this process with all the other blankets until the bed was empty

'oh great now i have to sweep the floor again to get rid of the dust that i had inconveniently placed there'

i used the brush again to sweep the top of the bed to get rid of any of the remaining dust

and began to sweep up everything back into the pile

the sheets weren't that bad, just dusty but now that they are clean, well cleaner, i can use them

it's not like i have many options

i made my bed again and decided to explore the rest of my room

i looked over at the desk and it looked like one that i would use back at school

it had a couple of marks and pen lines on it as well as some carved in words but i couldn't really read them, i'm guessing it was someone's name or something

the room was kind of rectangular shaped with a square cut out at a corner that was my bathroom

i opened the door and surprisingly it didn't squeak as it looked like the type of door that would

there was a large mirror over the sink and i was finally able to look at myself again

me-"oh god" i whispered quietly to myself from the bathroom

i looked awful, my skin was pale as if all the colour had been drained out and my eyes were bloodshot and swollen

my parents wouldn't have wanted me to stay like this, they would want me to be healthy

'i am disappointing them' i thought

i sluggishly walked back over to my bed and sat down

i could feel tears building up in my eyes

'not again' i thought but i couldn't help it

i miss my parents

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