Chapter 5: An Undoubted Reality II

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Y/N: "What the..?" You muttered.

Pandemonica: "What is it?" She suddenly asks.

At that moment, an akward pause stifles the conversation again. You were thinking why Azazel was watching from across the street, if you're right, she had some sort of camera with her. Was she spying, or stalking? Or is it both? Time will tell for the sake of this story, espionage is easy to miss if you don't have the sense of a paranoid russian from the cold war.

Y/N: "No. Sorry, it's just.. old memories."

Pandemonica: "Hmph. Why's that?"

Y/N: "Well.." You'd immediately start trying to come up with something in mind.

Pandemonica: "Well.. what." Her eyes slowly became furious.

Y/N: "It's just.. town used to be alot smaller than it is now. It's more like a village rather than it is now. A suburban neighborhood, full of civilization. It's a damn mess."

Pandemonica: "So you had good memories before it came to this?" You'd anxiously nod as she squinted her eyes. "Well, if it's that. Welcome to the present, there's no turning back anyway."

Y/N: "Yeah.. you may be right on that."

You both continued to sip your own cup of coffee and for the rest of the hour, you both talked about irrelevant topics and Pandemonica's life in hell and your life in the mortal's world while getting a couple refills on your cups.

Eventually, Pandemonica had to go home to continue her work as a secretary for hell's customer service at home.

Pandemonica: "Well. Looks like I have to go back, I enjoy talking to you Y/N." She expressed with gratitude.

Y/N: "Yeah, I feel the same too, we should do this again sometime."

Pandemonica: "Heh, we should. Anyways, I should go now."

After the energetic demon left the café, you finally went back to your post to your usual job for the rest of the day. But that question that Modeus asked a few weeks ago, was still fresh on your mind. Will you and Helltaker take shares with the harem? Or would you treat them as they were your guests. In time, a decision has to be made on just two words, yes or no. It's all you had to say, but for now you must stick with your instincts. Better to make the final decision slowly but wisely.

Meanwhile back at the house.

11:38 A.M.

While you were back at the café working your ass off, things are still a bit chaotic although but not so much as the last few weeks before, fortunately. And plus, Pandemonica just came through the front door after being greeted by the high prosecutor.

Helltaker: "Hello, Pan. Where have you been for the past hour?" He'd ask while still holding a plate full of rolled chocolate pancakes.

Pandemonica: "Went to get coffee from the local café down the street." She'd sip her coffee whilst holding a battered clipboard. "Also wanted to ask you something. Are you hiding things from me, Helltaker?" Her sadistic side came into view.

Helltaker: "No.. Why would you ask that?" He slowly started to sweat in a nervous state.

Pandemonica: "All this time. You didn't tell me that Y/N, your friend. Worked, at that very café."

Helltaker: "Oh.. Well. You didn't tell me that you were gonna go to the local café. I suppose, I should've warned you before you went out of the door or someplace else."

Pandemonica: "Hmph. Point taken, well anyways I'm heading upstairs, if you need me." She slowly started walking to the staircase. "Don't forget about my next cup.." She looked at him straight in the eyes one last time before she headed straight upstairs.

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