Chapter 6: Homeback

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Early release just to keep this book going! In compensation for my laziness and my activity. Here have one chapter to see what happens next for chapter 7!

You slowly crept up onto the window to the living room, beside the bottom staircase leading upstairs. You took cover next to it as some where starting to notice something wasn't right.

Justice: "Yo Judge. Something doesn't.. feel right, can you feel it right?" She said inside.

Judgement: "I'm sure it's nothing. Besides, it must've been some animal that's just passing through." She'd reply.

Justice: "Hpmh. Maybe you're right. Thought it was some deathclaw or something."

Judgement: "Huh. Your imagination never ceases to amaze me." Justice would chuckle at this.

You finally took out a deep breath and knocked on the window, catching the attention of Judgement.

Judgement: "Y/N?" She'd walk up to the window and slid it up open. "What are you doing, creeping up like that some trespasser?"

Y/N: "Because. There is police on at the front door and I had to go around back here. Speaking of which, where the hell is Taker!?" You said in irritation on that last part.

Judgement: "He's with Ceberus at the front door inside, why?"

Y/N: "Just want to ask him why there's police at the front door."

Judgement: "Oh, you mean the intruders? I thought I already dealt with them earlier." Your eyes were widened at this.

How could she possibly dealt with the authorities whilst still being a demon in such 'exposed' clothing. Must be the fiery voice of fear and her action that must've made them think twice before coming into the house.

Y/N: "Wait. What?"

Judgement explains the situation while you were still outside listening to what she says. Apparently, Ceberus did cause alot of trouble though she wont say anything what they did cause it was too many to list.

Eventually, you were able to climb back in gently with the groceries that you bought and closed the window behind you.

You glanced around the house for a moment to see nothing out of the ordinary. Unless, you can feel this strange demonic aura surrounding within the house. God help you.

You walked to the kitchen and dropped the groceries onto the floor, and as the tired bastard you are, you sat on the kitchen counter and started thinking your everlasting thoughts that were deceived that you don't want to live on this world anymore as a single drop of sweat flows down yours face.

Wait, that's just you being edgy.

Suddenly, you hear footsteps approaching near you and you'd look to see Lucifer and Helltaker both wearing an apron. Must've been cooking all day for everyone, too bad you weren't there to taste the meal of what they have been making. Or is it just chocolate pancakes?

Yeah, it's just chocolate pancakes.

Maybe next time, go to culinary school when you have the time and will to do it.

Y/N: "Oh. Evening to the both of you."

Lucifer: "Surprising to see you here, Y/N."

Y/N: "Well, you know me." You stood up from the kitchen counter and stretched a bit. "I trust that you both have been getting along well." You'd adjust your glasses.

Lucifer: "Oh we've been getting closer and closer each day. Isn't that right, Taker?" She'd smile whilst glancing at him.

Y/N: "Well.. Best if I don't ruin this moment of yours, I'll just be at the room upstairs. Oh, and Taker, take care of the groceries eh?" You'd smile awkwardly while making your way out upstairs.

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