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"By the way‚ I'm Seokjin. Kim Seokjin."

He lends his hand for you‚ waiting for you to shake it. You gladly accepted it and you both shook it lightly.

"Hi, Seokjin‚ my name is Y/N." You tried to smile nicely for him.

When you had the opportunity, you quickly inspected his face. His face was stunning. From this viewpoint, his features were well-spaced and set, and he appeared to be a Greek deity. You shook your head, afraid Seokjin might catch you gazing at him.

"So you're down to go to the kitchen with me? I'll introduce to you a lot of dishes I know to cook." He gave you a kind grin. You were taken aback by Seokjin's tenderness toward you, and you guessed that you had been kidnapped by a nasty kidnapper.

"Sure‚ I'm down," you answered which received a clap from Seokjin.

"Let's go!" He grabbed your wrist and carefully dragged you to go downstairs. You were intrigued yet anxious to go outside of the room for the first time since you've been stuck in this area for a while.

"Are you sure I'm allowed to go outside the room?" You implored worriedly. The other men might detonate you when they find out you've gotten out of the room.

"Oh don't worry about that‚ they told me to look after you for a while and I also thought that you were bored being alone so I invited you here." He was still pulling you donwstairs‚ both of you heading to the kitchen.

You're taken aback by how elegant the entire house appears. The property was decent, but everything looked so posh that even touching the marble floors made you feel destitute. You went slowly and carefully, afraid of getting the tiles filthy.

When you walked into the kitchen, you were taken aback by how large it was. All of the drawers were the same color and had the same wooden feel. This mafia organization must be extremely affluent.

"Welcome to the kitchen, Y/N!" Seokjin exclaimed while his hands were both in the air‚ presenting to you the elegant kitchen they have.

"This is one of the glamorous kitchens I've ever seen‚ most kitchens are dirty and it smells bad but this one isn't." You applauded. It was true though‚ even their dining room looks tremendous.

He chuckled and stooped. "Thank you for recognizing my struggle in tidying up the kitchen for I am eternally in charge in here." He cackled.

"You must be a tidy individual then," you say.

He grinned. "Maybe‚ but some of the boys are also very neat with themselves‚ we all don't want a messy place so we keep this house decent."

You nodded‚ understanding what Seokjin was explaining but also roaming your gaze around to look at the design of their house and maybe looking for a doorway to escape.

"The house is beautiful‚ isn't it?" Seokjin asks you.

"It is," you replied not saying that you were finding an open space so you could jump out and hide from them.

"Hey‚ you should sit there on the stool and watch me cook with my amazing cooking skills." Seokjin guided you to the stool next to the kitchen counter.

"Can I help you with cooking?" You asked‚ perplexed on why he didn't persuade you to cook with him when you preferred to‚ even though you only learn how to cook the easy plates.

"If you want to‚ but I kind of want to know you more," Seokjin expressed. "And also‚ don't try to bypass on me since there are a lot of bodyguards outside and they might attack you."

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