Chapter 3: Brews and Demons

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A few weeks later.

4:44 P.M.

Third Person POV

It's been a few weeks since the demons entered the mortal realm at last. Though, those few weeks were absolute hell. Cerberus running amok, harassing nearby neighbors, and probably some people may have been 'injured' though she won't admit a single thing about it and would always come up with excuses to cover her up the bloodshed she made.

Zdrada ruining the ventilation design in the household due to her constant smoking, and Malina's Vodka being the only stench to be smelled inside, and Modeus, creeping out strangers who came to deliver packages or food because of her uncontrollable sex drive.

What the fuck?

The others though including Pandemonica. They acted as guardians, and resolved what they did. Even incidents that had the attention of the local authorities. Even the federal authorities may have been involved at some point.

Even after all of that, everything remained intact. For now, atleast. If only Ceberus did not kill the neighbor's cat.

Plus, you're wearing rectangular eyeglasses like what you would always do because of your poor eyesight, a maroon suit shirt, dark brown suspenders with golden colored clips, dark grey slacks, and black oxfords. All on style, even at home.

Y/N: "What is it this time, Malina? More Rokita?"

Malina: "Shut up and listen. And yeah, I'm gonna need more Rokita, and plus I'm gonna need a favor from you."

Y/N: "A favor? Huh, well let's hear this favor of yours then."

Malina: "If you think you can handle this, I'd appreciate if we kept this between us." You'd nod at this. "You're one of those coffee artists right? What'd you call them again? Baristas or somethin'?"

Y/N: "You heard right."

Malina: "You think you can mix something special for me? I'll make it worth your while anyway." An akward smothers the conversation for a moment.

Y/N: "I.. I'm not a bartender or anything, but I think I can do that, may have mixed a few drinks back then. I'll try the make the best out of anything I can get my hands on. Just for you, alright?"

Malina: "Heh, I'm starting to like you. How about you join me in my room tomorrow night? Some Heroes Three from me and some of yours. Better be a good mix you create." She'd smile lightly before walking away upstairs from the conversation.

You checked your wrist watch to see it was already 5:11 in the afternoon, 44 minutes before Pandemonica's next cup of coffee but this time you get to make it yourself due to Helltaker's inexperience when making coffee.

Maybe you should teach him about making espresso next time, just so you can save him a trip to the local hospital.

Anyways, you think it's best to start early and so you went to the kitchen to start making a fresh brew for her, otherwise things might take a wrong turn. A bloody, wrong turn.

With a fresh filter, you poured in the grounded special espresso beans which are high quality given by the old man back at the cafe, some sugar and added in the appropriate amount of water to start a fresh brew. This time, you're filling the whole coffee machine with the maximum amount so that Pandemonica would be able to drink whenever she needs it, and to save the Helltaker some time and worries.

After some time and patience, you finally poured in the double espresso onto a mug and proceeded upstairs to Pandemonica's room. With a cautious approach, just in case. Once you're in front of the door leading to her room inside, you knocked three times to alert your presence.

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