~Chapter 11~

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Chat Noir kept sobbing in her shoulder and Marinette kept comforting him.

She already hated seeing him sad, but she hated it even more when he was upset because of her.

She kept running her fingers through his silky blonde hair. She still couldn't comprehend that he was Adrien Agreste. That she was running her fingers through his hair.

She already loved Cat with her whole being, but him being Adrien, made her love even stronger. He was her first crush, first kiss, first everything, she realized.

And she loved it.

But he hated her. He thought that she was just a golddigger. She felt bad for him that he always had to make sure that people liked him for him, and not just his money.

She knew that it wasn't the money for her. She couldn't care less. She loved him for his carefree, considerate, charming, sweet character. She loved all of him.

And he hated her.

He absolutely hated her. Well, he hated Ladybug, not Marinette, but still...

His ring suddenly beeped and Marinette stiffened. Of course, she knew who he was, but he didn't know that she knew.

"Kitty, you're about to destransform." She whispered softly, warning him.

He shrugged. "What does it matter anyway? I couldn't care less about what Ladybug thinks."

"But I want you to show me who you are when you're feeling better, Chat. Not like this."

He looked up. His eyes were red from crying and his cheeks were all sticky.

"You're right. Let's go home."

Home. He called her house home. This made Marinette feel all giddy inside, but she still felt awful.

After they entered her room, Chat grabbed his pajamas and headed to the bathroom.

The bluenette took a deep breath and sat the chaise, her hands covering his face. What was she going to do?

She couldn't tell him. He had been through enough already and it could cause an akuma.

She would wait, give him time, and tell him later.

She dressed into her PJ's and laid in bed. The lights were turned off and she waited for Chat to come to bed.

Soon enough he plopped down next to her and turned his back to her.

She didn't understand why he did that. Was he mad? Did he know she was Ladybug?

But he then grabbed her hands and put them around his waist.

He wanted her to spoon him.

She smiled and pulled him close to her chest and nuzzled her face in his neck.

She let out a content sigh and enjoyed his warmth.

Adrien wanted to be this small spoon this time. He felt vulnerable and sad, but she was his safe house. His flashlight in the darkness. She was home.

"Kitty, what did Ladybug say?" Marinette asked softly, running her fingers over his toned stomach.

Adrien let out a long sigh. "Mari... I'm rich. Crazy rich. And famous."

When she didn't reply, he continued. "When she saw who I was, she knew I was famous and had a lot of money and..."

He softly grabbed her hand, trying to soften the blow. "She kissed me."

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