The Scaramouche You've Never Known

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It's been about five minutes and you still couldn't fall asleep. Not only was your mind plagued with endless thoughts about the Traveller's whereabouts, but a certain Fatui Harbinger was keeping you awake too.

He was speaking to you quite casually as if you were a friend of his. Yet, touching your body as if you were his lover instead. He didn't go any boundaries that made you uncomfortable; then again, you only allowed him since he is your superior after all.

Like a needy kid, Scaramouche was getting quite close to the back of your neck, his nose almost grazing your skin. Not to mention, one of his wandering hands kept crawling up and down your back, you didn't know where the other one was. Still, you just let it happen and tried your best not to let your voice out.

"Can't sleep?" He asked but it sounded more like a statement. "I suppose being in this tight space with another person isn't best at a time like this. I can't find a comfortable place to put my arms other than around you."

"I agree, sir..." You sighed timidly. "My legs... If I try to move them even the slightest, I might accidentally entangle them with yours..."

Scaramouche hummed in mild amusement, "You think I don't like playing footsies under the blankets?"

"Ah...!" You gasped in surprise when you felt his foot caress your heel. Then, you realized the sound you made and got a hundred times embarrassed. Nothing would have prepared you for the night to end up something like this! "Sir... Don't do that..."

"What, this?" His foot touched yours again, making you shy away. He let out an airy laugh and continued to tease you, rubbing your ankle this time. "C'mon, haven't you played footsies when you were little?"

This was such a nightmarish situation...! It was enough to make you shove your face into the pillow and squeal out of uneasiness.

"What a pleasant reaction from someone as serious as you, [Y/N]..." Scaramouche's voice suddenly became lower as he breathed out. "Answer me. If you were to get captured by, let's say, the Millelith... And they touched you like this..."

You tensed up when something slithered under your shirt, your skin was trembling with goosebumps rising up as if they were leaving a trail. His hand went higher up your stomach, almost to the point of it reaching a risque part of your body.

"Would you just allow them?"

You lifted your head from the pillow, "No...! Of course not!"

"Then, why aren't you fighting back?" He scolded. "Pretty girls like you shouldn't allow lowlife men to even look at you the wrong way. What are you going to do? If you don't stop me, I'll go further."

You hid your face again since you didn't have an immediate answer, withering in embarrassment as your cheeks became warmer by the second. He blew hot air against your ear, you can hear the pace of his breathing pick up a little bit. The young man chuckled a little when he heard you whimper in discomfort.

"Just kidding." Scaramouche retreated his hand. "It's fun to tease you."

You were finally released from his grabby hands and you felt like you were finally able to breathe again. The thing that scared you the most was the heavy thumping you were feeling in your chest. Your heart has been aching this whole time, it was almost concerning. Maybe you should go to the pharmacy to have yourself checked out.

"Did I make you flustered?" He asked nonchalantly.

"Is it not obvious, sir...?"

"I was only pulling a prank on you."

His jokes were just cruel, as you could see, you were a victim of them. That sense of humour of his is somewhat twisted. His horrible 'jokes' weren't limited to Childe or the other Fatui Agents.

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