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[tw: light violence]

You were astounded recognizing Yoongi standing right behind you. Your cheeks still heated up by the nickname he named you. There he was‚ standing in front of you wearing his white shirt and his pajamas.

"I was fetching a glass of water." You almost stammered because of humiliation. You were deflecting his eyes‚ worried that once your eyes meet his‚ you'll look on it perpetually.

"I can notice that." He scanned the cup of water that you were presently clasping with one hand. "You should go to sleep‚ it's almost midnight." He checked for the clock that was hanging on the wall in the living room.

"Okay," you reply softly. "Good night then Yoongi." Your voice came out as a whimper but enough for Yoongi to glance at you with his eyes broadened.

He was shocked because of your sudden emotion. Not expecting you to say those words to him. He hesitated whether to say it back or just ignore your words‚ but he couldn't do that to you.

"Good night," he answered back‚ voice as delicate as yours. It scarcely came out like a voice to be exact. He saw you gleam before walking up the stairs to go to sleep.

While Yoongi‚ stayed downstairs‚ in the kitchen for a while. He wanted to empty his thoughts and agreed to go out to have some fresh air‚ not expecting to come across you who just went to get some water.

After a while, he determined to go outdoor just to receive air from the suffocating room inside the building.

Once he unlocked the door‚ the cold air immediately kissed his complexion. It wasn't cold weather in here, to be honest, but every night it had that cool sensation. He dwelled like that‚ shutting his eyes so he could only feel the air and hear the sound of the crickets.

Not until‚ someone had dropped on the dried leaves‚ making a crunch sound. Yoongi opened his eyes‚ peeking around at his surroundings‚ viewing every single corner he notices. When he heard a wail from somewhere‚ he instantly pulled out the gun that was withheld behind him.

"Come out‚ whoever you are." He hoisted his arms and focused the revolver at where he could hear the painful groan the hidden someone was making.

The noise was getting closer and adjoining and his eyes eventually caught up the guy who was struggling in pain because of his sudden collapse. Not seeing Yoongi who was watching him striving at his pain.

Before he could even process what was happening‚ Yoongi punched the intruder's stomach causing him to grumble in distress again. Yoongi grabbed the collar of the man's shirt and punched him straight in the face‚ resulting in him falling unconscious.

"That's why you don't mess with me." He smirked evilly at the guy who he punched senselessly. "My brothers will beat you up to death once they find out."


He'd been tiptoeing back and forth on his spot, trying to come up with a strategy.

He doesn't know where to settle this guy's unconscious form. It was very deceased at night and he was way too sluggish to navigate to their privileged ground. Guess I should not be lenient and maintain him in there.

He didn't prefer to go there independently so he woke Namjoon up to go with him. At first‚ Namjoon was distracted by Yoongi's immediate actions but came after what Yoongi expects him to do.

"What were you saying again?" Namjoon rubbed his distended eyes‚ who appeared like they were about to shut furthermore.

"Someone had dispatched us a spy," he grumbled. "...again." He emphasized the word he clamored. This was not the first moment that this 'spy' happened. They're used to this ever since they came to be substantial.

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