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The lionesses of Priderock were beside themselves with worry when Sarabi informed them that you and Taka had run off the path. Mufasa had gotten into trouble from his father, but not too much. Uru and Ahadi ended up having a small spat because Ahadi never properly punished their eldest son.

One of the huntresses, who was patrolling around the watering hole, found you both first, picking Taka up by the scruff of his neck and allowing you to trail after them as she brought you both back to Priderock. The look on her face told you that a lot of lions were angry, not just your parents.

Uru was sitting by the bottom of your home, waiting worriedly for you and her son to return. When she saw the huntress approaching with her baby boy in her jaws, she sighed a sigh of relief, especially when her eye caught sight of you walking behind them. "Y/N! Taka! I've been so worried, where were you?"

The huntress placed the prince on the ground softly and gave the Queen a respectful bow, "I found them walking back to the watering hole, I don't know where they were before that."

"We were fine until Mufasa and 'Fina started bullying me!" Taka whined to his mother, running up to her and nuzzling his tiny body against her strong legs.

Uru looked down at her son sadly, "Maybe we need to separate you guys and the girls for a little while..."

"No!" You yelp, running forward, "Don't separate me from him! Sarabi and I are the only ones nice to him, and you know how the other young males in the pride are..."

As Uru was about to reply, the huntress that found you both piped up, "All young females need to be separated from the pride for hunting lessons at some point, kid, this would just be speeding up that process."

"B-but I don't want her to leave..." Your friend whimpered.

You didn't want to leave either, but decided to be the strong one for both of you. You walk up to Taka and place a paw on his shoulder, smiling, "It's okay! Maybe you'll get closer to Muffy while we're gone. Just don't tell him that Sarabi totally has a crush on him!" You whispered, making him giggle.

Uru watched you two interact with a fond smile on her face, "Alright then, I'll appoint some hunting teams together to train our young females. I suppose I'll be seeing you back in around a season?" 

You nodded, trying not to let your sadness show for Taka's sake.

"When  you get back I'll be a bit bigger and stronger!" He said, "And I'll be able to take care of myself too! We could hang out together, without my stupid brother!"

"Hey, don't call Mufasa that," Uru chuckled, before sighing, "Well, I'll pick out some lionesses. Thank you for bringing them home safely, I owe you one," she regarded the huntress.

"Nonsense, you are a wonderful ruler, that's all I ask."

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