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  Week two, day one.

I woke up and my mind went straight to last night, I still can't believe we got through. Now I get to go through it all again. Today we were heading back to the studio. So per usual, we ate breakfast, got dressed, then headed to the studio.

Once we got there, we were told by Simon that our song is My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson. We spent the entire day working on it with Savan.

   We were asked to do an interview so we all headed to some room in the studio.

  "Okay, can I have you all sit there, please." Some guy said. I noticed Daniel standing in the background with a few other people. Harry, Zain, and Liam sat on chairs behind the couch and Niall, Louis, and I sat on the couch. "How did you react after your performance?"

  "We came off the stage, after our performance, we were all buzzing. We can't really describe what it was like because you will never understand what it was like when you perform on stage. It was amazing." Zain explained.

  "Okay, good. That was good. Can you talk about when you started singing?" The guy behind the camera said.

  "I have always sang since I was 10, I played Oliver in a school play. I always remember just being really happy on stage." Niall explained.

  "I remember being a little kid, just running around, singing and dancing. I just love being the center of attention." Zain said.

  "I have always loved singing since I was little. My mom was the one that really got me in it, she used to sing all the time and dance around the house. There is nothing better than just singing your heart out." I said.

"I didn't really start singing seriously, til I was 14. I started playing in a band, it really gave me a confidence boost." Louis told.

"I have always loved singing, it was something i have always done ever since I first got my karaoke and I would mumble the words to Robbie Williams." Liam explained.

  "The first time I sang properly was in a school production. The rush that I got was something that I really enjoyed and I wanted to get more of." Harry said.

  "That's great, thank you." The guy spoke then we left the room. The rest of the day was the same, go back to the house, eat dinner, hang out, go to bed.

Day two.

"Wake up!" I heard Louis yell. I opened my eyes then groaned and turned over.

"Wake up!" Louis yelled again. I sat up in my bed and then did my typical morning of eating breakfast, showering, getting ready, and heading to the studio. Today was choreography.

  Once we finally got to the studio, Louis and Niall both raced inside and ran towards our room. We started working with the choreographer for awhile then Louis started asking if we could do some dance move called "stop the traffic, let them through."

  We ended before lunch so me and the boys decided to go out for lunch. So we had one of the cars take us to a restaurant.

  When we got to the restaurant, we all sat down at a booth. Niall, Zain, and I on one side and Louis, Liam, and Harry on the other. We sat right by the window so we could see outside. The waitress came by to give us our menus and ask what we'd like to drink.

  "I'm really excited about this weeks performance." Liam said.

  "Me too." I agreed.

  "Oooo they have chicken!" Niall said excitedly.

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