Chapter 25-the explanation

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"Can you please just tell me what's wrong with her!", Fred yelled, now extremely frustrated.

Dumbledore walked back and forth behind his desk while tapping his pointer finger to his chin ever so slowly.

George sat leaned back in a chair in the corner with his hands stuck to his forehead, "Professor, it's obvious you know what's going on with Emberlynn. If you just tell us we can help"

Professor Dumbledore shook his head rapidly, "Oh no. That would be putting all of you in great danger. Now Minerva, if you'd please make sure Ms. Blackwood is doing okay in the hospital wing? I'm not sure how she will be when she awakens"

Professor McGonagall pursed her lips and immediately walked out of the office towards the hospital wing.

Fred watched the Professor hastily make her way out the doors then he turned back to Dumbledore still waiting for an answer.

Professor Dumbledore looked up through his spectacles towards where Fred was sitting, "I suggest you three get back to your dormitories before the sun rises. I also suggest none of you speak to anyone of what happened tonight"

Fred got to his feet with his eyes still locked onto the Professor, "How could we tell anyone what happened when we don't even know what really happened? If you could just explain-"

Dumbledore held up his hand, "If I explain what occurred with Ms. Blackwood it would put all of you in danger as I said before"

Ginny leaned against a wall, "We don't need your protection. We want to help her and just know if she's going to be okay"

Dumbledore glanced up through his spectacles once more to make eye contact with each one of them but didn't let a word leave his mouth.

Fred gulped, "She's going to be okay . . . right?"


George slowly lifted his hand upwards to cover his mouth. Ginny turned away afraid to show any emotion. Fred furrowed his eyebrows and took a few steps closer to the Professor.

Dumbledore took off his small glasses and set them on his desk, "I do not know"

Ginny stormed out of the office letting small sniffles escape from her. George quickly followed her trying to be of comfort but leaving Fred by himself with the Professor.

Fred laid his hands on the desk trying to be patient, "Tell me. I can help her because-"

"Mr. Weasley, I will not keep explaining that I cannot and will not tell you-"

Fred slammed his hands on the desk causing Fawkes to fly in mid air and take a couple flaps of his wings resulting in small red feathers to float down slowly.

Dumbledore looked from his Phoenix to Fred.

"I think I already know", Fred calmly whispered.

Dumbledore didn't say anything, he just gently took a seat in his chair and motioned for Fred to take a seat as well. He lifted his wand into the air as Fred sat down and closed the door shut since George never closed it behind him.

Fred instantly started to fidget with his hands that were in his lap.

"Why do you think you know?", asked Dumbledore.

Fred nodded while gathering his thoughts and licked his lips before speaking, "Her sister . . . Victoria"

Dumbledore squinted his eyes as if understanding but didn't say anything because he wanted Fred to continue.

"Emberlynn told me about the day that Victoria was . . . murdered. About how death eaters appeared out of no where and killed her because she had some sorts of 'special abilities'. I never asked what she meant by 'special abilities' because I really didn't think Ember even knew what it meant. But now that I seen what happened today with Ember I remember seeing something similar happening with Victoria"

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