Chapter Twenty-Six

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__Author's POV__

After one hour of driving and hearing Zhan's non stop talking. He parked the car in uni's garage and said, "We are here."

"Wahhh. This uni is really nice." Zhan exclamed.

"Mnn.." Yibo said and went out of the car.

"Yiboo.... You are here?" Mianmian said smiling seeing Yibo.

Yibo sighed and looked behind where Mianmian was standing.

"I'm so happy to see you. Oh I forgot, good morning." Mianmian said with excitement.

"Mnn.. morning" Yibo replied.

"So, how was your days?" Mianmian asked.

"We enjoyed our days very much. We did many things what, I can't say. You know, I'm feeling shy." Zhan said dramatically coming out from the car.

Yibo helped Zhan to closing the door. Zhan stood with Yibo, holding his hand.

Yibo was shocked by Zhan's all of sudden action, which was totally unexpected.

"You..." Mianmian was about to say something to Zhan but stopped when she realized Yibo is also present there and looking at her. With a pause she continued with a smile, "Oh so, you also came. Yibo, why he came with you. It's your work place."

"Why? I'm here, are you having any problem in that or your body is itching seeing me." Zhan said making his face.

Yibo was so confused about what the heck is going on here. What happened to Zhan all of sudden. Why he is holding his hand and why he is talking to Mianmian like this? What happened?

"Haha... You are so funny." Mianmian said and clenched her teeth.

"Haha...I know... I'm too funny." Zhan said and smacked Mianmian's shoulder.

"So, let's go honey. Principal must be waiting for us." Zhan said smiling brightly at Yibo.

Yibo got another shock hearing honey from Zhan.

"Ahhh~~ honey??!" Yibo said in confusion.

"Ohh.. sorry sorry, you like me to call you babe right. Let's go babe." Zhan said smiling.

*Cough*cough* Yibo started coughing hearing Zhan's sweet talk.

"Are you okay babe?" Zhan said rubbing Yibo's back in panic.

"*Cough*I'm *cough*cough* I'm okay. *Cough*." Yibo said.

"Aww.. my babe. You will be okay. You know nah I love you so much, and I can't see you like this." Zhan said rubbing Yibo's back while giving Mianmian a corner look. And then suddenly, Zhan smashed his lips to Yibo's. Which made Yibo's eyes widen. Zhan started suck slowly. Yibo was so surprised that, he just standing there like a statue and let Zhan, what he wants to do.

Mianmian was standing there seeing Yibo and Zhan kissing deeply. She clenched her hands tightly in anger. Her eyes was blood shot red as eyes can bleed anytime.

After some moments, Zhan broke the kiss and said, " are you feeling better babe?"

But, Yibo couldn't answer as he was still in shock. He was staring at Zhan.

"Aww, see your coughing is stop and you are too naughty babe. If you want me to kiss you. You can say it directly. Why coughing ?" Zhan said smiling shyly.

"Yibo,why he is here?" Mianmian asked trying to control her anger but couldn't.

"Excuse me. Why we have to explain you, why I'm here. But, if you are insisting this much. Let me tell you. I'm going to admit here in 3rd year. Will join class from tomorrow. Okay? Miss.... Whatever, I forgot your name." Zhan said with a devilish smile.

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