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Venti's POV

The night spread its black angel wings, assuring safety to the world of Teyvat. The night is a special kind of darkness, not the kind which envelopes you in a state of sadness, but reaches out to you, giving a warm hug.

I turn my head to look at Xiao, his head is raised up, still looking up at the sky. We've been holding our hands for a while now and haven't spoken up. I look down to the beach between us and an idea sparkled my mind.

Xiao's POV

My gaze is fixed on the sky until I hear a voice raise up, It was Venti's.
"Hey Xiao, the beach is empty right now, so I'm wondering if you would like to take a stroll there together?" I look over to the side of me, his head was now facing the sky once again. One of his hands was holding mine, the other was leaned back behind him.
"Sure, let's go," I replied back with. Our hands disconnected as we both got up.

He reached his hand out and I just looked back back in confusion.
"Come on, hop on my back!" he said, joyously.
"E-Eh?" I blurted out loud, I was taken back by his words.
"We're gliding to the beach of course!" he reached his hand further out to me, motioning me to hold it and go on his back.
"B-but couldn't we just walk?" afraid to admit I was too embarrassed to hold his hand and be on his back.
"Now what's the fun in that?" due to me taking too long, he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him, making my heart skip a beat. He turned around, I'm now facing his back. He bent down a bit so I was able to go on him and said, "Hop on!"

Out of pure defeat and having no other choice, I slowly get on his back, my arms and legs wrapped around his body. I was too flustered to speak so I stayed silent.

Venti's POV

I felt the weight of Xiao's body, meaning he finally gave in and went on my back. He's such a tsundere at times. I smiled blindly, and then pulled out my glider. I turn my head slightly so I can see Xiao's face, who was a blushing mess. I giggled slightly before asking him if he's ready. It took him a few moments to respond before hearing that faint, "Yes," coming from his mouth. That was enough for me.

I ran to the edge of the cliff then jumped, now in the air. I felt the grip tighten around my waist, realising that Xiao was squeezing me, I giggled a bit at the thought of that. Instead of directly gliding to the beach, I decided to take my time doing so. We were one with the birds, the same level as them.

Xiao's POV

I didn't realise I was holding Venti so tight until I heard laughter. I blushed due to the embarrassment of that, however I kept squeezing him. The warmth from his body along with the cooling breeze eased me.

"Look down below us!" Venti yelled. I proceeded and looked down below us and the sight was quite beautiful. The moon reflected in the water, which glistened. The beach was dark due to no lights on, however, using the wind and moonlight, it made a pathway; guiding us to the beach.

It wasn't long until we reached the beach. After all, we weren't flying, only just gliding down. I heard muffled talking, however wasn't focusing what it was saying. That's until I realised it was Venti speaking and instantly snapped back to reality.

"Xiao!" Venti yelled, his head turned around to face me.
"Hm- Oh, what is it?" I said.
"Are you going to stay on my back forever? Unless you want to of course, I have no problems with that~" he teased, laughing a bit. That's when I realised I was still on his back and haven't gotten off. Flustered, I quickly get off his back.
"S-sorry-" I mumbled.
"It's fine, now let's walk and explore the beach." Venti eagerly said, grabbing my hand and ran a bit before he slowed his pace down.

I take a deep breathe in, thinking how this small stroll will feel extremely long. Time seems to slow down when I'm with Venti. I'm used to my days normally being the usual; killing demons, eating and sleeping. But with Venti, I see a spark of light in my future.

"Xiao, come look at this!" Venti spot something and ran over to it, dragging me along with him due to our hands being connected. I wonder what he had found..

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