Yes, A Concert

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Taehyung's POV

I'm in the kitchen pacing back and forth. Apparently, Alexis was never going to go on the tour. Just when we found her, now we have leave. I didn't think that it would be a problem because Sejin knows that Alexis is our soulmate, but I figured out that it wouldn't matter if only he knew. If I think about it simply, it makes sense. Why would a new hire go on tour when they haven't even had their first day yet? She is taking college classes and she speaks six languages, but has no working experience outside of part-time jobs. I know she would do amazing, but the other staff members joining us don't know her yet.

Part of me, a very large part, wants to say f* it and just have her come along as our soulmate, but the bond is too bizarre. It would get around even though everyone signed an NDA for things like this, and it would put Alexis in danger. Why does this have to be so difficult, why can't people just accept it?

A hand covers my shoulder. I turn around and see my angel herself staring at me with those bewitching eyes of hers. A small crinkle rests in between her eyebrows. I don't like it when she's worried. "Are you okay, Taehyung? What's wrong?" She asks.

I grab her face gently and massage the crinkle out with my thumbs. She leans into my touch and I love it. "Nothing honey." I find myself using a nickname. She looks surprised, but doesn't say anything. "I'm just thinking."

She nods her head. "Is it about the tour?" She asks hesitantly.

"Yes, but it's okay. It will work out in the end, right?" I say to try and lighten the mood. It isn't like we will never see each other again, but I really really don't want to leave her. If I could, I would want to spend every living second with Alexis.

Jin slowly comes around the corner and walks up to us. I assume he wanted to check on me, since I disappeared. They all know that I tend to leave when I'm agitated, but sometimes being alone is not what I need.

He stops next to Alexis, noticing her concern. "Don't worry about him Alexis, he's just being moody." 

I scoff. He's acting like I didn't see him pout earlier. Of course I'm being moody, I think all of the guys are at this point. "Anyways, we all wanted to talk to you about the tour. We thought-" He gets interrupted by a phone ringing in the living room. An upbeat pop song plays in French, so it is probably Alexis's phone. I've never heard of the song, but it is catchy. The ringtone starts at what I assume is the chorus, and a man with a unique deep voice sings his native language.

Alexis's eyes widen. "Excuse me," she says softly before scurrying away. Jin and I follow her out. I see the rest of the guys staring at her fondly as she hurries to pick up the phone. She checks the screen and pauses, like she is preparing herself for something. I start to get worried, but when she picks it up, it all becomes clear, "Hi mom- " she doesn't get to say much before someone yells from the other side of the phone. I can even hear it from here.

She listens patiently, but looks embarrassed when she makes eye contact with any of us. The guys just chuckle, knowing full and well the fury of a mom over the phone. "Yes mom, I'm sorry. I didn't forget, I'm just not home yet... No I'm not stuck anywhere... I was going to." She converses with her mom, who isn't yelling anymore. I wish I knew more English, Namjoon is so lucky right now.

She blushes a bit before saying, "I'm with my soulmates." I understood that part. I get a fuzzy feeling inside when she calls us her soulmates to her mother. I can't wait to meet her family, I want to know everything about her. "No mom, most of them won't understand you- Okay, okay. Just let me ask." She covers the bottom of the phone before looking at all of us.

"My mom wants me to put on the video. She doesn't speak any Korean, and I know you might not be comfortable, so you can say no if you want." She seems worried. Like I would say no.

"Put it on, I want to see the amazing woman who gave birth to my soulmate." I say to boost her confidence.

"Yep, definitely." Jimin speaks up. She looks around to make sure we are all in agreement. None of the others show hesitation. She presses a few buttons and moves the screen away from her face slightly. 

I can hear her mom clearly now. "Well what are you waiting for turn it around, I want to see my future son-in-laws."

"Oh no..." Alexis says, before turning the camera around. 

As soon as we see a face, we all greet her, "Hello!"  Her mom brightens up, and I can see the resemblance. The small nose and wide eyes look like they were copied and pasted. The same blue color, just a lighter shade. Alexis's mom is beautiful just like her, and looks a lot younger than most woman with adult children. The only things that aren't similar are the face shape, skin tone, hair, and the lips, from what I can see.

Her mother has straight platinum blond hair, a stark contrast against Alexis's dark waves. Her lips are smaller, and her face is wider with softer features. Her skin has more of an olive tone, but Alexis has a natural tan that seems to glow. I wonder what her father looks like.

"Hello Ms.Mayes," Hoseok says to charm her.

"Oh my! They are so handsome. " I get shy. I hear it all the time from all of the comments and Vlives. It makes me so happy when thousands of ARMYs say it, especially when I'm having a rough day, but hearing it from the mother of my soulmate is just different. "I wish I could speak Korean, I don't like this." Her mom pouts.

We do the best we can, but we have to have Alexis and Namjoon translate for most things. Amidst endless compliments that humble me more than ever, she explains that she was worried, because Alexis didn't call yet, like she does every night. Jimin apologizes profusely, but she waves him off and tells him she doesn't mind. I check the time on one of the phones laying on the table. It is almost eleven now, usually we would have said goodbye to Alexis by now.

After assuring us that she will visit and get to know us better, she starts speaking French. I can't understand it, but her tone is teasing. So her mom speaks French fluently, that explains how Alexis is fluent. She did say she grew up in a trilingual household.

Alexis gets flustered, and her voice gets higher as she responds. "Stop, stop. Goodbye mom." She stammers.

Her mom quickly yells before Alexis turns off the phone. "Bye sons!" She cuts the call off, but she doesn't face make eye contact with any of us.

What did she tell Alexis to get her so worked up?

"Please don't ask." She says before any of us could.

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