Chapter 4: An Undoubted Reality I

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The next day.

6:28 A.M.

Third Person POV

Mondays. What could possibly be worse than mondays? That is a question for debate.

You grumpily woke up for the day and dismissed your phone alarm which resembled of an air raid alarm. You rose up from your bed, got your towel and headed straight for the shower.

After spending time bathing yourself, at least no one came knocking for once unlike that time Modeus really tried to break in but Judgement restrained her with the chains of Luxuria just in the nick of time.

You went into your room and changed into your typical clothing style for the rest of the day. You went downstairs to see Pandemonica just sleeping on the couch in the living room, drooling, and a dropped coffee mug on the floor. Must've went down after days worth of work without rest.

You decided it's best not to wake her up and leave her be. You quietly picked the coffee mug up and went into the sink to wash it. After that, you picked up a fresh bag of roasted espresso beans from the pantry, grounding it after. Spending twenty minutes of your time, you finally made a fresh brew of double espressos.

Pandemonica: "I-is that.." She awoke with the scent of hot coffee.

Y/N: "Oh, morning Pan. Just made a fresh brew for all of us, well some of us atleast. Jesus, you haven't changed clothes since we first met.." You said while you poured in a mug for Pandemonica.

Pandemonica: "We.. don't really need to change. It's just part of our lives, I guess.." She'd yawn.

You walked up to her to give her the mug of double espresso, she gently took it from you and slowly started sipping the hot beverage.

Once again, every time. The unnatural side of her appearance returns.

Pandemonica: "Ah.. This.. Is incredible. Well made Y/N. Well made." She'd smile sadistically.

Y/N: "Thanks. At least it won't make you break Taker's fingers. Poor bastard's worked himself all day just to keep this harem together."

Pandemonica: "Huh. Never thought of it that way, maybe I'll try going easy on him next time.. If only the coffee he made was like yours."

Y/N: "I'll go teaching him someday, right now gotta get to work." You put your coffee right beside the sink.

Pandemonica: "Take care, Y/N." She'd smile.

You grabbed your sling bag and headed outside to the café down the street. Like everyday, you'd always check your phone to pick up the latest news. It's all the same. Political awareness, shitty products and apps to be advertised, viral challenges to cringe at and all the degeneracy that you could muster is all on the internet.

Y/N: "Fucking shit.." You expressed in disappointment and stored your phone in your pocket.

You eventually approached near the cafe's entrance. Still empty on the inside and the door's locked, looks like the old man didn't arrive yet. So you leaned back against the glass, waiting for him to unlock the door outside.

Few minutes later, he eventually arrived with a gentle smile.

Gepetto: "Morning Y/N, my young man. How you've been?" He'd ask.

Y/N: "Morning too, mister Gepetto. I'm doing well for myself, how 'bout you?"

Gepetto: "Oh it couldn't be better. Now come on, coffee's not gonna make itself. Nor the cups." He'd take out the key from his back pocket.

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