Chapter Twenty-seven

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"Bad timing!!" Jackson said when his eye fall on Yibo, who was already staring at him.

"It seems. I can't hide it anymore." Jackson said the guy with him.

"What are you saying babe?" The guy with him asked with a confused look.

"My ge and Zhan is here. And, we are........

Before Jackson can finish his sentence, the guy, who was with him got excited hearing Zhan's name and started looking around.

"Zhan??! Where is Zhan?!" The guy asked with full of excitement when his eyes fall on Zhan.

"Zhaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!" The guy shouted and hugged Zhan from behind.

"My life ruined.. help me a little God. I hope Yibo ge will agree." Jackson said himself and put a fake smile on his and walk to Zhan and Yibo's table.

"Zhann.. how are youu...? The guy asked.

"I'm good. How are you ?" Zhan replied.

Yibo was sitting there staring at Zhan and the guy. He is so damn fucking confuse that, what the heck is happening here?.

"Hello guys." Jackson said and sat beside of Yibo.

"What's happening ?" Yibo asked.

"Ahh... actually...

"Ughh~~~ let me tell everything." Zhan said.

"You know everything?" Yibo asked.

"Of course." Zhan replied.

"Then, why you said earlier you don't know??" Yibo asked

"I said but, why you trust me? Don't you know, Jacky is my best friend. How come, I don't know what he is doing?" Zhan replied which made Yibo dumbfounded.

"Just keep all those aside and, let me introduce him,

"Just keep all those aside and, let me introduce him,

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He is Park Jin- Young.(A/N : Sorry who expected Mark. Hope you guys aren't angry with me😐)

He is Jackson's boyfriend from uni." Zhan introduce Jin Young to Yibo.

"And, he is Wang Yibo. Jackson's elder brother and my husband." Zhan introduce Yibo to Jin Young.

", I'm sorry. How are you?" Jin Young said and bowed to Yibo.

"Mnn.. sit." Yibo said.

"Thank you ge." Jin Young said smiling and sat beside Zhan.

"From when?" Yibo asked to Jackson.

"From high school." Jackson replied look down.

"Mmn that's the actual reason of your busyness and extra class and all." Yibo said.

"Here sir, your order." A waiter said and placed two cup of coffee on table.

"Jin Young, do you want something else?" Yibo asked.

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