Chapter 18 - Bold Moves

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(A/N: Happy April Fool's Eve. I don't have anything planned. Wonder what BTS are going to do this year. Like always, enjoy! 😁)

"There's no way you can top Suga's proposal Kook, unless you work some magic into there," Taehyung said as he shook his head. "It was amazing."

"Thanks that's really helpful," Jungkook said as he looked down at the blank paper in front of him. They were his ideas for the proposal; nothing. "Come on guys you've got to have some ideas. The others are going to be back in a few minutes."

"Well think of something, don't worry," Namjoon reassured.

"Just keep Minnie happy for now," Taehyung said as he stood up and stretched his legs.

The omegas of the group had gone shopping for their free afternoon after RUN! BTS and it was left with the Alphas who stayed at their dorm to come up with wedding plans and when they had some down for both Namjoon and Yoongi, they moved on to Jungkook's proposal. Which didn't go very well.

"Wait! I've got an idea," Taehyung said smiling.

"We'll hold that thought! We are in for a treat tonight!" Namjoon yelled happily as he looked at his phone smiling brightly. "Our babies are making bold moves. Damn."

With the Omegas, they were constantly being swamped by overexcited fans when they just wanted to do some shopping.

"Hobi-oppa, are you engaged?" One of the fans asked.

Hoseok gasped and hesitated for a sec because the fans didn't know about the engagement yet and weren't supposed to until the footage of the proposal has been released. He just ignored the fan (making him a little sad that he had to ignore a genuinely curious fan) and walked into the cafe after Jimin. He didn't want to not wear the ring, but it would probably be best to take it off whilst in public. No one had noticed it up till now. The three sighed as they sat down in a quiet corner in the cafe.

"Let's eat then one more stop then we go home okay?" Seokjin asked and the other two nodded.

When they had eaten and had returned back to the large crowd that had been waiting for them, they walked down the street to find any shops they wanted to go into.

"Jinnie-oppa?" a little voice asked.

Seokjin looked to the ground behind him and saw a little boy who was holding onto Seokjin's hoodie causing Seokjin's heart to melt.

"Can I take a picture with you please? I wanna be just like you when I grow up," the boy said.

"Sure, Baby, what's your name?" Seokjin asked as he crouched down to the child's height.

The child said his name and smiled brightly as he took the picture.

"By the way, it's Hyung because you're a boy," Seokjin corrected.

"My hyungies say that but I like to call them oppa too," the boy said smiling.

"You are so cute!" Hoseok exclaimed as he went in to hug the little boy who was blushing so hard.

"I want to be like all of you when I grow up!" He said proudly.

"Well, we will be looking out for you," Jimin said smiling.

They all waved goodbye to the boy as he ran off towards a large group of boys who looked older than him and started jumping. The other boys looked down proudly at him and waved at the idols.

"He was so cute! I want a little boy like him." Jimin said.

"Same." Hoseok said.

"I think I used to do that to my hyungs too," Seokjin said shyly.

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