chapter twenty-one

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(this chapter and the next two are really cringe and talk about periods so skip them if you want lol, i apologise in advance, get ready to feel embarrassed)

y/n pov

i woke up in the middle of the night to such a severe pain coming from my stomach

i tried to ignore it and continue sleeping but it really didn't work

under the covers, i curled up and rolled around in many positions but none seemed to help

since nothing would do i decide to brave the dark and walk to the bathroom... nothing would go wrong...right?

the floor was cold and i definitely did not appreciate that

it also hurt a lot to walk and even move

'food poisoning?' i questioned

who knew to be honest, it's not like we have the best food here in the apocalypse, jin does make the best of it though

flicking the switch of the bathroom i looked at my stomach and it looked fine, obviously, i don't know what i was expecting

i was on my way to leave back to bed when something caught my eye

....something red

y/n-"no! no! no! this can't be happening!!" i quietly whispered to myself

there was blood on my white joggers at the thigh area

i turned around and it was like looking at a zombie attack

there was blood everywhere

'just great, i'm on my period!' i thought

i'm normally heavy but this time it's like who ever is up there (or more like who ever is down there) felt like testing how much blood a person could loose without dying

'wait what do i do?' i questioned

it's not like i can go out with blood all over my joggers!

okay...i will just take them off and keep my pants on

i'm wearing a long-ish hoodies she can mainly cover herself and no one will be up so no one will see a thing

there was a little blood on my arm but i will just have to fully clean my self once i have sorted everything out

i put some toilet paper on my pants as a temporary fix until i could get my bag, i had to be quick because it obviously wouldn't last long


where's my bag

oh god

i left it in the car....

'nice going y/n! this could only happen to you!' i thought

i don't want to ask one of the boys and they definitely won't let me out by myself

i could sneak to the car and get it

i'll be safe by myself, i'm a very capable woman

i carefully tiptoed my way to the door, keys in hand to unlock it since one of them had installed the lock

i began to twist the door knob when i was stopped

jumping out of my skin, i turned to see an angry looking yoongi

although the lights weren't on because i didn't want to disturb anyone, i could tell it was him

he was very angry to say the least

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