chapter ten

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⚠️discusses themes of abuse and assult⚠️

(i am really really sorry if this doesn't make sense, i tried my best to write how they would react and tried to allow them all the try and comfort y/n in some way, i hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any suggestions on future chapters if you want anything specific in it, i will try my best to make it happen, this chapter talks about a dark area of y/n's past but doesn't go too far into detail, thank you so so much for reading~author)

y/n pov

jin-"oh y/n by the way, what was your night mare about?" he questioned causing all the boys to look at me apart from him who was focusing his eyes on the road ahead

my body tensed up

y/n-"i um-it- actually it doesn't matter! it's not important!"

yoongi-"no, no, do tell us what caused you to scream and wake me up" he said in a fake caring way, clearly he was still not pleased with being woken up and while looking around the car i could see the other boys weren't pleased with my answer either

tae-"you can tell us y/n" he said in a gentler tone from beside me, i was now sat inbetween him and jungkook, yoongi and jin were in the front seats and the rest where behind

j-hope-"yeah i will to keep you safe!" he said while smiling brightly at me which caused me to feel safer

jungkook-"hey i will keep her safe too!" he said in a whiny jealous tone

jimin-"me to-" he began to say but was cut off

jin-"i'm sure she gets the picture, we will all keep you safe y/n"

i took a deep breath and they all seemed to notice that

y/n-"'s just i had a nightmare? memory? i don't know what it was but it was about my uncle..."

the all looked at me confused and their eyes almost begged me to continue so i did after taking another unsteady deep breath

y/n-"...when i was younger, my parent used to work a lot so i would get sent to my uncles house to stay, it was fine at the start but then as i got older he started drinking more and getting more...aggressive and violent towards me.....wanting me to... do things for him and let him do things to me" my voice broke at the end as i couldn't hold back the tears anymore, i didn't let them know that though so i looked down to my lap, i had said all of it in a quietened voice, not sure what to do

'i can't believe i just told them'

'they are gonna hate me'

'why did i have to tell them?'

'i'm so stupid!'

i thought to myself as more tears began to roll down my cheeks, i couldn't bring my self to look up and see their facial expressions, they were probably disgusted in me

it stayed silent for around 20 seconds which felt like an eternity to me, they probably wish they could just leave me here at the side of the road or have let those men take me away while they had the chance to get rid of me

i could feel the car slightly slow down but not stop as though jin didn't know what to do

i jumped as i felt a large hand begin to rub comforting circles on my hunched back as another pair of big arms gently pulled me to the other side and embraced me in a hug

....this was unexpected.....i thought they would hate me

tae squeezed me in the hug tighter still not letting go while jungkook kept rubbing my back

someone's arm lightly squeezed my shoulder and i am guessing that was namjoon, i felt someone gently stroke my hair which i think was j-hope while another also began rubbing my back in a comforting manor which i think was jimin

namjoon-"i-i'm so sorry you had to go through that"

tae-"shh it's okay, i have you" he whispered into my ear after i accidentally let out a small sniff which revealed to them all that i was definitely crying, tae already knew that now though due to his now soggy shirt

jungkook-"we are here for you y/n"

j-hope-"he can't hurt you anymore"

jimin-"we won't let him"

jin-"we promise to protect you y/n" he said, it sounded like he had turned around to face me while saying that and then turned back to the road

yoongi-"we will help you through this y/n"

me-i took a deep breath "thank you all, you have no idea how much this means to me" i said into tae's chest as he still hadn't let go

unfortunately, while saying it i accidentally let it come across more broken than i had initially intended which made tae tighten his grip and the rubbing on my back continued

i was so overwhelmed with the emotions i was feeling right now which tired me out and the stressful sleepless night didn't help

i tried to say awake but slowly my eyes began to shut and once more, all i saw was darkness, only this time i felt much safer

tae's pov

i couldn't believe what y/n had just told us, none of us could and we definitely weren't expecting that

'how could anyone do that to a child? how could anyone do that to her?' i thought as i held her in my arms

i felt warm wetness on my shirt so i knew she had cried into me and i looked over to everyone else, some of them looked sympathetic and i knew all they wanted to do was give her a hug, while others looked angry, not at her off course but at that monster who hurt her

jungkook and jimin continued rubbing her back in a circular motion as i just held her, not wanting to let go

i felt like i couldn't, she had already been hurt so much, i couldn't let it happen again

i slowly felt her breathing get slower as he'd head became heavier into my chest so i knew she was falling asleep

once i was sure she had fallen asleep i looked over to the guys and they were all looking at her, except jin who had his eyes in the road

me: "she's asleep" i said in a hushed voice

jimin-"i didn't expect that..."

namjoon-"i don't think any of us did" he said after looking around to see everyone's shocked faces

jungkook-"who would do that to a kid?!" he said outraged but still tried to say it in a decently calm voice since y/n was asleep

yoongi-"i would kill that son of a b*tch but he's probably dead anyway since the zombies"

j-hope-"true, he deserves it"

jin-"do you think she will be okay?"

yoongi-"she should be, i mean she was managing fine during the's just at night when she has the issue"

namjoon-"and when she's alone"

me-"what do you mean?" i asked in a concerned tone

namjoon-"well when she woke up, she thought she was alone in the bathroom just before washing her face and she looked so scared"

yoongi-"that could just be because she was tired or just woken up"

j-hope-"and maybe she just didn't see you so it gave her a fright when you suddenly appeared"


jimin-"namjoon is right" he chimed in causing everyone to give him a confused look

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