Chapter 18

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Kates Pov

Its been half an hour so far the man banging on the door has stoped but My daddies have not come and get me yet and still want to talk that dang nap and down i have to Pee. This is just great I just wanted to have a nice day i wanted a nice long nap, but you know what i got a stranger in my daddies House and me hinding under a bed for halfhour. I wonder if he is still in the house, I mean what did he even come in here for. I know lucas and daxs have a tiny prisons in the house and I did see them with a bunch of guns and Big bags on a table with alot of scary looking people in the middle of the night and you know what that is a little werid in my mind because I really dont think people do that on a reagular bases.You know what now that i think about it i havent really asked them about any of that! Oh my Gosh you know I think they might be part of a gang or mafia.Wow my daddie are part of a gang I wonder what they do , mabye the guns because they have guns. I better asks them when the time is right.

I hear a soft knock on the door.

"Sweetpea Can you open the door please its daddy" I hear Daxs say

I crawl out from under the bed and run too the door. I push the dresser out of the way and open the door. I see daxs and I trackle him with Hug.

" Hey I missed you too. Are you okay? Did he hurt you?"He asked

" Im just scwaryed who was he?" I asks as Daxs get off the ground and put me onto his hip.

"He was looking for a key to the basment, but how about we go see lucas and we can all talk about it okay" I just nodded my head and layed it down onto his shoulder.

We head down the stair and I see like 30 people with guns. What the heck is going on?!

We walk into there office and I see Lucas sitting down at his desk,with a bunch of guys standing around the room with guns. I see Blair sitting on someone lap. Is that her dom? What was his name again?

Daxs walks over the set me down in lucas lap well he gose and sits down at his desk. I really didnt know what to do in the monment, So i just sat there. I mean Im in a room  with a people with guns and Im sitting here in someones lap with a teddy bear in my arms and kitty socks on.

" OKay everone as you know someone broke into the house today And the only person here was my little girl, so from now on i want everone in this room to fully move into The house because if he got what he wanted then we all know what woud have happen if she got out." Lucas say

Who is she and who is the man the broke into the house. why wont anyone tell me what really going on I need to know these things. My daddies talked more about the people in the room moving in and which rooms people would get. Im happy blair is moving in but the other people in the room look very scary. I wonder if this mean I wont able to be in littlespace as much anymore.

After some more boring talk lucas sent everone to go pack there stuck and to come back tonight for dinner.

" Daddy " I say

" Yes sweetpea " lucas says

" who was that man and why was he trying to get into the basment and what happen to him and Who dose he want in the baskment and Can i have Hot coco please with extra whippedcream. " I ask I slipped in the hot coco part hoping they would just say yes.

" Wow one question at a time hun what was the fisrt one again " Lucas says

" Who was thay Man and why did he want to g down into the basment " I ask

" That mans name is james his sister is down in the basment and he wants her back" Daxs says to me

" Why is she in the basment cant you just give her back"

" She did a lot of bad things to someone and she need to stay there unti we can give her to someone else. " Lucas say.

I didnt know what to say to that so i just nodded my head.

"Now what about that hot coco Dont you think i deserve it after all i have been thought "  I ask give them the best puppy dog eyes I could give them.

" I gusse but only one cup before dinner and we need to talk about you leaveing and coming here without one of use " Daxs says

" Ughhhhh I was cold and you were taking forever and I was sleepy and still Im can i take a little nap before dinner i did all of my homework PLEASE" I say shakeing lucas sholders a little.

" Fine "

" OKay come on let go get the hot Coco " Daxs says as he takes me from lucas arms .

" Wait arent you coming daddy " I ask

"  I got some paper work too finshish but I will be out there by the time you take your nap okay " I nod my head and me and daxs walk out of the room and head into the kitchen.

We sets me down on the conter well he makes me some Hot Coco. After he is done we walk into the living room and he gives me a sippy cup full of it.He puts on the lion king,and grabs a big fuzzy blanket on puts it on me.

" Can Bee and BUnny take a nap with me too PLease " I ask as i sip on the coco. He says yes and walks out the back door to get the dogs. Lucas walks into the room and sits down next to me.

I hear paws running aross the floor and i see Bee and bunny and hop onto the couch and they both try to sit on my lap.

I ended up falling asleep on daddys (Daxs) Lap with lucas next to me and the dogs on the floor.


Hey guys i made this one longer then the last one and i hope this makes up for not updateing for a few days.Im sorry for any spelling erros. I Hope you enjoyed this chapter and Have a wonderful day, bye Myloves.

Ps. Should I have differnt things for lucas and daxs like daddy and papa or both just be daddy. Im not too sure dose that even make sence. Well comment on which one it would help a lot. Thank you.

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