Chapter 19

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Kates Pov

I wake up to wet kisses on my face, I open my eyes and see that it's Bee and Bunny licking my face. I start to giggle like crazy , After a few seconds I fully sit up and wipe away all of the slobber off my face. I look around and I don't see my daddies. I hear noise coming from the kitchen so I head into the kitchen and see both of them cook A LOT of Food. I hope onto an empty space on the counter and I start to swing my legs back and forth.

" Why so much Food and whatach makening " I asks Lucis

"Well like I said early everyone That was in the room is going to be moving into the spare rooms and everyone is going to be here by dinner so we are all going to eat together,and we are having baked pasta, chicken alfredo, and caesar salad. " He says to me as he puts the baked pata in the oven.

"Does this mean I can't be in littlespace anymore " I asks

" Why would you do that " Daxs asks me

"Because there are going to be people around and what if they think i'm weird " I ask After i said that both of them started to laugh. Did I say something funny ?

" Oh sweet pea most of the people that are moving in are in this type of lifestyle or something like it and even if they do make fun of you, you got us to take care of it." Daxs says to me.

" Oh cool and one more Thing can I make cheesecake PLEASE!!!! " I ask

" I don't know...... maybe...... okay FIne " Lucas says to me. Daxs picks me up and sets me down on the ground.

"Can you do it by yourself or do you need help ? "

" I think i can do it NO shoo " I say

I get them to leave the kitchen and Get to work on the cheesecake.

#~#~#~#~#~#30 mins later#~#~#~#~#~

OKay it's done, it just has to be set in the fridge. I walk into the living room and set next to Daxs.

" Should i change or can I stay in these clothes " ask

" Well by the amount of Food all over yourself,I think changeing would be a good idea " Daxs says to me as he picks me up and sets me on his hip.

We walk up stairs and head over to my room,and he sets me down onto the bed and walks into the closest. He comes out with overall shorts and a black sweater with yellow stars all over it. He helped me put them on.

" You look adorable " He says to me

" Awwww thanks " I say as I start to blush

He picks me back up and we head down stairs and it looks like everyone is here. They all sat down at the table talking, we walked over and Daxs sat me down nexts to Lucas and then he sat down at the empty chair next to me. All of the food looks Really good. My mouth is watering at this point. I look across the table to see Blair and her boyfriend?

" So is everyone ready to eat? " Daxs asks

Everyone starts to make their plates and Lucas makes Mine he puts the chicken alfredo and some of the salad onto my plate. I see some of the guys that were in their office early. One of them is dressed like me. He has a dino hoodie on with some shorts. Oh my gosh maybe we can be besties friends and have tea parties, and play with the doggys. I didn't think that maybe people are into this type of thing.

I ate all of my chicken alfredo and some of my salad and Now i want to eat the cheesecake that I see on the table so I stand up to try and get a slice and someone makes me sit back down. WHat . The . Heck . Man .

" YOu have to finish your salad before cheesecake, " Daxs says to me. I look over at lucas for help and he just nodded. I feel attacked.

" I ate most of it dosent the count " I whine

" You need to eat ALL of it before you have dessert, " Lucas says to me.

I start to whine about it and you know what they did to me Daxs poked me in the thigh. I pouted at him and he just pointed at the salad and whispered in my ear " If you don't start to eat you won't have dessert " I Made it I should be able to eat it. I huff and started to eat the rest of the salad. I will get them back for this. I finished it and showed them my plate, for some reason they both acted like I just won a million dollars. It felt nice to be treated like I'm the only girl in the world. I smiled. I didn't even care about the cheesecake( Yes you do ) . I don't know what this feeling is. ( Oh god stop with the mushes stuff ). It's only been two weeks and i think I love them. OH god.

After dinner everyone just went up to their room and that one boy got picked up by A much bigger guy. Blair walked into her room with her boyfriend and My daddies took me up to mine.

We got into the room and they told me its bed.

" Come on bunny bedtime You have had a Long Long Day, aren't you sleepy " Lucas said to me. What is it with them and all of this nicknames.

" But am not sweeply can't we stay up for a little longer please " I ask

" Sorry bunny but it is way past your bedtime tomorrow is friday so easy day and we can go shopping and get ice cream but you can't do any of that your sleepy so come on Pjs " Daddy(Lucas) says

" Finwe but only if you read me bedtime story " I asking puppy dogs eyes

" Fine but you drive a hard bargain " He says as he tickles me Daxs comes out with a Big care bear hoodie and on care bear shorts. They help me into my clothes and we all hope into the bed and Daxs come over with The teachers from the black lagoon. They read me the book and I started to fall asleep.

" Night night daddies " I say before i fall asleep

" Night Bunny " I hear them say


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