Heyy,,,,heyy,,,how yall doin,,??

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*big s i g h*

Hello everyone, Jack here, reality Jack to be exact.
I've come with some info
So first off, I cannot comment, follow people, or vote on books because my dumbass signed in over two years ago on Google and deleted it, not remembering any of the old info, and I don't know my current password, so how fun amirite? Mhm.

Second thing, I'm sorry for being so inactive. I just..have so many ideas, yet have no ideas. A problem I have is that I overwhelm myself with ideas and force myself to do things so I Will remember them. I know it's not very healthy but I cannot help it. An example is my AU's, so I get ideas and I tell my friends "hEy I hAvE tHiS iDeA aNd ItS cOoL wAnNa Be In It?!?!1?!1?!1?1!1" which I ask when I don't have the AU planned out fully, and then I get confused with myself and completely trash the idea, letting down all my friends. Sucky I know. I don't understand what's wrong with my head, bit I hate it.
The second example: Say I get an idea, right? And I like that idea, yeah? I will draw/write that idea, and think it's so cool so I'll obsess over that for maybe a week and then decide "meh, I don't like this anymore. My art style needs to be better so I can make this look good, I need better writing skills to make this make sense, blah blah blah whatever" yeah. Tight.

Lastly, I don't want anyone to worry or be like "tHiS hApPeNs To EvErYoNe!1!1 YoU'rE nOt SpEcIaL!1!1!1" because I will not care, I know other people can be inactive, Thats fine. I'm just apologizing because I feel bad about it. Also do not worry because I'm fine, yeah I've been kinda sad lately but it's fine, happens to us all yea yea?? Mhm. Anyways, I'll write stuff soon, goodbye everyone, Jack going to write or something like that. Love you all🧡

Side note: Jesus Christ this is long, sorry if it doesn't make sense, it's currently 3 in the morning

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