Chapter Twenty Eight

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"What you were doing standing outside?" Zhan asked when he saw Yibo came inside of the house.

"Nothing just had a important call." Yibo replied

"Ohh.. want have ice cream?" Zhan asked smiling while having his favourite chocolate ice cream.

"No. And don't eat too much. You will catch cold." Yibo answered.

"Ahem... So caring." Zhanjin teased seeing Yibo been caring to Zhan.

Hearing Zhan, everyone laughed internally but they didn't show up on face.

"I'm going to my room." Yibo said ignoring everyone and walking towards his room

"Ahh.. me too.. I'm coming." Zhan said and followed Yibo.

"Zhan.. finish your ice-cream fast." Zhanjin shouted behind.

"Gege, will have later. I'm too tired." Zhan shouted back.

Watching how, Yibo and Zhan went their room. Everyone present their in living room blast into laughter.

"Jin, you just teased so perfectly." Mrs. Wang said laughingly.

"Mom, I couldn't stop myself from teasing. You guys saw nah, how Yibo was saying, don't have too much, you will catch cold. Aww... So, caring." Zhanjin replied while laughing.

"Yeah. We saw that.... Also saw how, Zhan got shy and run after Yibo." Mrs. Zhan said.

"Sushh sushh... Don't tease my babies like this." Mr. Wang said making everyone shut and then with a pause he loudly said, "Teased them more. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!"

Hearing Mr. Wang and again everyone started laughing.

Yibo and Zhan came in their room. But, they weren't talking to each other because of awkwardness.

Well what happened today was really something awkward.

"Yibo, can I use bathroom first?" Zhan asked breaking the silence.

"Mnnn..." Yibo replied and sat on bed.

"Okay." Zhan said and walk in the bathroom taking out his comfy clothes a t-shirt and a shorts and closed the door behind him.

Zhan hanged his clothes and stand in front of the mirror. "Haaaaa!! Today was really something. So many things happened today. Huh!!" Zhan said and opened the tab. Cold started running out. Pouring his two hands, splashed water on his face. When he suddenly remembered, the kiss, the deep kiss that he have for the first time.

Zhan opened his eyes slowly and looked at his lips carefully as it's swollen but no, it's not. Well the kiss wasn't for too long.

"He kissed me.. he kissed me.. well, I was the one, who started but the way I kissed and the way he kissed me. It was different." Zhan said looking at mirror.

"He test sweet through... And the way he pull me close.. haaa~~~ it feel something. Ahhhhh~~~~~" Zhan said smiling and covering his face with his hand.

"Ehh....what the heck.. am I thinking too much?? Fuck~~~~" Zhan said looking down.

"Hey?? Are you okay?" Yibo asked loudly knocking the door.

"Ah... I'm okay. Coming wait."  Zhan replied smacking his own forehead. And he changed his clothes as fast as he can then came out with a awkward smile.

Yibo was sitting on bed, when he saw Zhan he stare at him from head to toe within it, his top of ear turned red.

"Wh...why you are wearing shorts?" Yibo asked all of sudden.

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