Chapter 4

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Narrators POV

Have you ever been hurt so bad that nothing even makes you hurt anymore? That cold, hard surface of ice overcoming that once warm, drainable heart.

Everyone has that one person or thing that has all control over them. Slave and master, master and slave. Nothing ever left whole when done, it always breaks.

Livia's family you could say they were blind and naive. They didn't see what a kind and caring daughter they have, but once that changes that's the moment they'll fare what they have done.

Livia stood before her locker reading each and every word they said about her, looking at each picture they pasted alongside the words.

One thing ran through Livia's mind
"Do they know that I was raped" A question that shall be answered soon?

The world span in motions around, leaving nothing clear, nothing recognizing. Thigh still bleeding, but could not be felt.

"Hey slut" Damon Dexter said approaching Livia along with the B's (Bianca, Brittany & Brooke)

Lost of words and movements Livia stood still not acknowledging them.

"Don't you hear us talking to you, you little hoe" Bianca called out.

Livia snapped out of her trance slowly turning around to face her bullies.

"Did y-you do this" Livia said trying to contain the tears that were threatening to spill at any moment now.

"Yes we did, now the school knows how much of a whore you are" Damon smirked.

"What did I ever do to any of you?!?" Livia responded.

At this point, Liv was mixed with emotions. Anger, hurt, frustration. An endless route of emotions, no end to the cave so it just keeps buzzing inside for an escape.

"You disgust us," The B's all said in sync.

A.N: typical of em bitches, pfft

"But what did I do!?!!, what did I do so badly to deserve this... bullied every day by YOU guys, slut shamed when you are the ones who go around dropping your panties for every girl or guy you see, beat every single day, and all without an explanation. So WHAT DID I DO!?!"

"How dare you talk to us like that!!" Bianca said taking a step forward to slap Livia across the face.

Damon then punched Livia in the face, "Don't you ever and I mean EVER talk to my girl like that again you little slut"

By now the hallway was crowded all ready to witness the new fond drama about to unfold. Most laughing at Livia's state most videoing the fiasco to post on their socials, not one single person daring to even help her or defend her. Not even her own sister and brother.

Livia recovered from the punch Damon threw at her and steadied herself to turn and look at the crowd.

"Is the little baby about to cry, go cry to your little man whores you bitch" Bianca said in an awed tone.

Everyone around started to laugh, not one person standing up for her, all just laughing their asses off.

Tears started to come from Livia's eye pooling down her face like a river.

"This" Livia said ripping a picture off of her locker with her and an elderly guy having sex, she then pointed it to the crowd around.

"You think I wanted this, well news flash I DIDN'T. I was raped for goodness sake, my own father sold my rights for money!!" Livia screamed out with tears rolling down her once honeydew face.

"Stop lying bitch, dad would never do that, and you probably asked for it seeing as I even heard you moaning when I came in the house one day" Jason scowled then started to laugh when a reached the end of his statement.

Everyone else started to laugh again while Liv just cried.

Livia shook her head "this raped, this raped, this raped" Livia said pointing to each and every picture glued to the locker.

"You think I asked for it?!, you think I asked any of these men to take what I was saving for my future love, no I didn't. And to think you would believe me" Livia said laughing bitterly as tears continued to roll down her cheeks.

"Didn't I tell you to stop talking falsely about dad, you just can't admit it can you, just admit it you fucked every man up there for some sweet cash" Chloe said slapping Livia then laughing in her face.

"Wow, what a great family I have, not for long, go on why not give dad a little talk when you go home"

"You should just kill yourself you useless bitch" Bianca spat laughing.

"Naa I won't give you the satisfaction of seeing me kneel to your demands, and let's clear the record here. Bianca you just use Damon for money, Brittany and Brooke you just hang with Bianca for popularity. Damon, you don't even like Bianca, yeah I've seen you and Brooklyn over there having a wonderful time. Chloe and Jason, you just bully me for popularity. So make that ring a bell in your head" Livia said wiping her face from the tears still flowing from her eyes.

The whole crowd gasped and started to murmur among themselves.






They all began to shout at each other leaving Livia the satisfaction she wanted. Looking down to the ground Liv saw the red spray paint they used to spray words on her locker.

Livia took it up and started to spray her message on the lockers.

"You'll miss me when I'm gone"

Smiling at her masterpiece Livia started to limp through the crowd making her way out of the school and out of sight.

"You'll miss me when I'm gone" she recited while limping her way home, to the place of hell.

Many things happen in life, but everything happens for a reason. Whether a downfall or a rise in state. So choose wisely the way you want to turn when this problem starts. ~Authors words🦋

Authors Note

Sorry for not posting in a while, the sister punched me and I fell and had a concussion. Damn, I swear siblings are spawns from Satan himself 🙄.

Anyways have a good day/night.


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