13: Hurt

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Soyun pov

After jin oppa feed me, he helped me reach my room. I was lucky to have him by my side. I went into my room and locked it making sure no one can barge in. I sighed as i sat on my bed.
I think i need a shower.
I said to myself and walked to my closet bringing a dress.

I stepped in the shower and took a bath making sure my hands don't get wet. These are still aching badly. I wore this so that my wounds won't show.

I popped on ny bed closing my eyes feeling tired and exhausted for the work and wound

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I popped on ny bed closing my eyes feeling tired and exhausted for the work and wound. I still can't believe my life changed so fast. Everything changed after oppa and appa died. I transferred to new school, got to know sehun, and now my stepbrothers issues.I felt my eyes getting heavier so i just let it be.

3 hours later~~~

I woke up suddenly seeing a bad dream about oppa. He was dying in front of me but i couldn't save him. There was the killer also and he was going to shot me as well. That's when i opened my eyes to see I'm in my room. I don't know why i saw such kind of dream but it freaked me out.

I sighed and checked the time. It was 6:00. Oh shit! It's time to make dinner! I went in the restroom and washed my face. I went downstairs heading to the kitchen thinking what should i make when i bumped with someone.

I looked up to see jin oppa smiling widely.
What's up strawberry? Did u sleep?
Uhh...yea...i slept for pretty long time...
I said as i rubbed the back if my head.
So..where are u going now?
Jin oppa asked.
Um...to cook?
I said confusingly, more like a question. Jin oppa chuckled seeing my behaviour.
U can cook?
I said as i whined and pouted.

Ayoo. Don't need to cry babyyy~~ I'll teach uu
He said smiling widely. My face lightened up immediately. I started jumping like a monkey and started dragging him to the kitchen.
Yeess~~~~ Let's goooooo woooooo
He just giggled seeing my childish behaviour.

Ok so what should we make?
Jin oppa said while wearing the pink apron. I looked at him like a why-are-you-wearing-this look. He looked at me and smiled sheepishly.
Don't look like this! I like pink!
R u serious oppa?! U r a boy and aren't a boy supposed to like blue or black? Or something like that?
I asked him as if this is the most obvious thing.

Yaaah! Can't a boy like pink!!??? What's wrong with a boy liking pink!!!???? Why do u like black when you are girrrlll!!!?!??!?! I like pink and j don't need to be a girl for thaatt! Yaaaaa.
He started rapping and shouting. I tried my best to stop laughing but failed. I bursted out laughing holding my stomach.
Opp-ooppa....hahahahhah. Ok ok...princess oppaa.....
Jin oppa again growled and giggled a little.

Ok ok now stop laughing. Tell me what do u wanna cook?
Jin oppa said reaching for the utensils.
Umm...oppa....what about u guys' favourite dishes?
I asked looking at him
Huh? Our? U mean everyone's?
I nodded.
Ok then! But that'll be a lot!
He said as he started searching for the ingredients.

No prob oppa!
I smiled reassuring him. He just nodded and sighed. We are going to make bulgogi, tteokbokki, kimchi stew, jjangjanmeon, and bibimbap. Well that's a lot! But I hope i can make it!! We started cooking together. Jin oppa was leading me and i was cooking, for the first time. Don't blame me cuz minhyuk oppa has always cooked for me!


We were done and very much tired. But all the dishes were done well and tasty I gotta say. I hugged jin oppa happily and he patted my head.
You've done a great job strawberry! I'm sure they'll like it!
I just nodded and smiled when we heard a chaos.
Hyung-ahh~~ What's the smeelll!!!! My tummy is growliinnngggg~~~
Omo!! The smell made me more hungryyy~~

3rd person pov

Jhope jungkook came downstairs while jumping like a kid. Their eyes went wide seeing the dining table. They immediately took a seat and started digging in as if they hadn't eaten for months. Soyun just chuckled seeing them like this. By this time, everyone arrived there and were eating. Everyone was praising jin.

Jin hyuunnngg~~ ur cooking skills improved!!
Jimin said squealing like a child.
Yess jin hyuunnggg! We missed ur cooking!!!
Jhope said eating.
Bhuth is ish tashtiea thsen beffoge~ (but it is tastier than before)
Jungkook said with his mouth full of food. Soyun giggled seeing their childishness.

Jimin's gaze landed on soyun chuckling and then her hand. He couldn't see her hand as she was wearing her hoddie. He shrugged it off and started eating the tasty food in front of him. Soyun turned at jin and spoke.
Oppa...u should go and eat with-

Jin hyung~~ come eat with uuussss....
Suga was calling jin. But jin just told them to wait and asked soyun
Aren't u gonna eat?
Nope...I'm gonna skip meals today. So go and eat! Suga oppa is also calling u.
Soyun said and turned to leave.

Jin's phone rang and he went to pick it up. Soyun was also heading to her room but halted at her steps when she heard her name being called. She rushed towards the hall to see jungkook calling her.
Aren't u gonna eat?
Soyun looked up to see everyone's shocked face. She nodded her head as a no. Cuz she knew jimin gave her a punishment and if she doesn't abide by this, god knows what's gonna happen to her....

Come sit here
Jungkook said patting the chair next to him and everyone present there were shocked. Soyun looked at him blinking repeatedly. She thought he's just showing sympathy. She again denied but couldn't deny more as jungkook was talking with her sweetly.

She went forward to sit beside jungkook. But the next thing made everyone more shocked. He pulled the chair back and soyun fell on the ground with a loud thud. She hurted her elbow as her whole body was supported by it. Her hands also ached causing her to drop some tears.

But what hurted her more was their next step. They all started laughing like it was a show to them. She bit her lips and wanted to stand but her ankle was twisted resulting her to fall back again. She looked her surroundings but couldn't find jin anywhere. She needed help. But there was none.

Namjoon seemed noticing her behaviour and understood.
Huh! Trying to find jin hyung for help? He's not here. He was just helping a maid like he usually do nothing else. Don't.expect.anything.else u bitch. Know ur limit.
Soyun felt more hurt hearing that. She couldn't believe that they are this heartless.

With a lot of difficulty and stumbling, she got to her room and locked the door. She immediately fall down on the cold ground unable to bear the pain. She was bawling her eyes out. There was pain everywhere. She was too exhausted of crying and ended up falling asleep there.

End of chapter 13

Idk..why it feels like my writing isn't improving. I get an idea but couldn't make out words for it. It seems like I'm out of words and it's getting worse day by day. 😕

Plz tell me if this is ok or not. I'm really really confused...


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