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Y/n's P.O.V:

After Taehyung walked away, I turned to yoongi and he looked at me with a slight smile. "So, dinner tomorrow night, does that work?" he asked. "Yeah that should be fine," I said. "Where are you headed y/n,?" he asked. "Oh, to the E.R.," I said. "Well let me walk you," he said and we began to walk. Once we reached the E.R., he walked me to the main desk and said "see you around y/n". As he went to check if he had any patients in the E.R. I checked the board and saw that I would be working with Taehyung. I saw him walking towards me and I decided to ask, "So is there anywhere you specifically want me in,?" I asked. "Just some charts and begin treating people Dr. L/N.," he said and continued to work. I was hurt but brushed it off. I got a stack and brought them to an area and decided to go one by one.

About 6 hours later, it was time for my lunch. I looked over and saw Taehyung working on some charts. I decided to wait a bit and let him go first. I realized the stack of charts was finished and needed to get some more and give these to the nurses. "Hi, here's the stack from now, can I have the new stack please." I said to the nurse and she smiled, "Here you go sweetheart, but are you going on your lunch," she asked. "Ah, no, ill wait it out. Thank you, so much..." "Call me Janet," she said. Janet looked like she was in her late 40s. I smiled and thanked her again. I walked away and began to treat some of the patients.

I was on a case that I needed the peds surgeon, so I called in Jungkook. Soon he came and greeted the patient and the parent. "Hello Dr. L/N, what is it that you called me," he asked. "Here we have Stacy who is a 1-year-old, and she hasn't been wanting to eat and today she is very fatigued. The mother requested for you to come and check on her just to get an opinion." he nodded and decided to give her a check-up. "She does have the flu, for now, I will give her an iv and give her some medications and nutrients to help her, from there if she doesn't get better it might be something else, which is where we will do further testing," he said. The mother nodded and I said, "I'll have a nurse come do the IV and give her the medication then I will check on her again in 2 hours." The mother smiled and thanked me.

After Jungkook and I walked out, I went to tell one of the younger nurses to begin the iv and to give the medications. She nodded and I thanked her. "How are you y/n?" Jungkook asked. "I'm fine just been busy," I said and finished filling out the chart. "Janet, can you keep this one, it's for the patient in room 132," I asked. "Sure thing, You should go on your lunch now, Dr.Kim is back and there are plenty of other doctors," she said. "You haven't had lunch yet?" Jungkook said. I shook my head. "Well go, what are you doing here?" he said and made me walk out of the E.R. I decided to walk to the cafeteria to get something to eat.

End of POV

Jungkook's POV:

After Y/N left I went to Taehyung and decided to greet him. "Hey Tae, how's it going?" I asked. "Pretty fine," he said shortly. "Why didn't y/n get her lunch when she was supposed to?" I asked him. "I don't know, ask her," he said. "Are you sure you're okey?" I said and he said, "I said I'm okey, now leave me alone and stop asking me about y/n," he said and pushed past me. Something was wrong and I didn't know what but I have to find out.

End of Jungkook's POV:


After eating a small plate of food, I decided to take a walk in the courtyard. There I saw yoongi and Hoseok eating. "Hey Y/n!" Hoseok said as he waved. I decided to walk over and see what they were up to. "Hey Hoseok and Yoongi.How are you guys?" I asked. "We are doing good, hows the E.R.?" yoongi asked. "I'm tired, my lunch break is almost over, so that's that," I said. "You don't seem yourself, is something wrong?" Hoseok asked. "Well, ever since this morning Taehyung has been acting rude and ignoring me," I said. "I will see what's wrong, I'll talk to him Y/n,", Yoongi said. I nodded and looked at my watch and then I saw that it was time for me to go back to work. "Sorry guys, gotta go back, see you later," I said and left to the E.R.

I returned to the E.R. and didn't see Taehyung. I went back to Stay, the one-year-old, and checked up on her. She seemed a bit better but decided to run labs just in case. I got the instruments when I bumped into someone. which made me drop a couple of things. "I am so sorry, " I said and began to pick up my things. "That's okey, no worries, I wasn't looking where I was going, ...I haven't seen you before," she said. "Yeah, I started a couple of months ago, Im Dr. L/N F/N, but you can just call me Y/N," I said and smiled. "Nice to meet you Y/N, I am Dr. Park Hana, OB/GYN.," she said and smiled kindly. "Hana, I need you over here," Taehyung said as he popped his head out of a room. "I'll see you later Y/n," she said. "Dr.L/N get back to work. immediately." Taehyung said. I was hurt, what could I have done to him for him to suddenly treat me like this. It doesn't matter, I gotta work.

End of POV

Taehyung POV:

After Y/N went back to work and Hana walked over to where I was at, we walked to get the scans and speak with the patient. "Why are you being so rude to her, I thought you told me you liked her," she said. "I do but I think I witnessed something I shouldn't have, " Taehyung said. "Taehyung you can't get mad at her, what if what you saw was different from what happened," Hana said. "Whatever Hana, let's just get back to work," I said.

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