Chapter 1: First Start (fluff)

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- there's no heads up in this- just wanted to put it here anyway u-u

Clay just finished recording a video with George. He stopped the recording and stretched out his arms. "That was so fun!" George said with excitement. "Yeah! It was different from most of our videos. We should do it again sometime." Clay replied. "Agreed. Hey, Clay.." George muttered. Clay replied with a short hum. "I wanted to tell you something important." George said with a steady tone. "Go ahead?" the blonde boy said, tilting his head slightly.
George went silent for a moment. "I'm moving to Florida for a bit. Not sure how long." Clay's eyes widened. Was this true? Is George pulling a prank on me? Clay broke the silence and finally said "Really? Are you pranking me?" George smiled and replied with, "I wouldn't lie to you Dre- Clay." Clay smiled, his stomach felt warm. "T-That's great! When are you flying over?" Clay asked, standing up and walking to his window. He was in his office. "Should be coming here tomorrow at 6:30AM. Decided I should come early!" George smiled. Clay's smile faded. "T-Tomorrow?" "Yes, tomorrow. Is there a problem?" Clay looked around his room. "Are you coming to visit me?" Clay finally asked. "W-Well.. I was going to ask you if.." George paused for a moment. "If I could stay with you..?" the brown haired boy said with a sigh, squinting, waiting for Clay's answer. "Well of course Georgie poo! I would never allow you to stay in another apartment or hotel." Clay pouted. George loved it when Clay called him "Georgie poo". It would always make him feel warm and cozy inside.

George smiled. "Well, get the place ready! I'm heading to bed now. Goodnight Clay." "Goodnight George.." They both left the call on discord. Clay walked out of his office and into his bedroom. He slumped on the bed and groaned. This is going to take forever.. Clay thought to himself. Clay shot up like a rocket, built up the strength and courage and started to clean up his apartment. He was on the top floor.
3 hours had passed. Clay was happy with his work. The kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and guest room were clean. Spotless! Clay spotted the time in the corner of his eye. It read 12:52. "Jeez, it got late." Clay said to himself with a sigh. He yawned after he said that. "Before I go to bed.. I should get George something! Yeah!" Clay ran to his closet and took out a black smile hoodie. He put it on and brushed his silky, blonde hair out of his face. Right after that, he grabbed his keys and ran straight out the front door. Locking the door behind him.

Clay walked down the sidewalk, shivering. It was a cold night.
Leaves flew away in the wind, trees were swaying and creaking, the remaining clouds traveled fast in the air and the stars were shimmering in the night sky. When he finally got to a nearby store, he thought of what to get for him. It took him several minutes deciding to get George a hoodie and chocolates. It took him a while to find everything, he still needed to remember what George's size was. Clay ended up getting an extra large. "He wouldn't mind if it was a little big, right?" He paid for the gifts and shot out. Walking back, he zoned out a bit. Thinking to himself.. no, talking to himself. He didn't even realise he was mumbling his thoughts aloud.

I'm going to meet George tomorrow..
I can't believe this is happening!
I'll get to hug him,
I'll get to watch movies with him,
I'll get to c-cuddle with him,
I'll get to stroke his h-head,
I'll get to..

Clay stopped for a moment. The cold breeze hitting his face, it had a sweet scent to it. Clay started to get butterflies in his stomach, his cheeks went pink and he stared stuttering a bit.

"I'm going to meet George.." he whispered with a smile slowly appearing on his face.

Clay unlocked his door and strolled inside. Patches greeted him with a meow. He knelt down and pet them. Clay stood back up and placed George's gifts on the kitchen counter. He was too tired to think of anything else. He ripped off his hoodie and threw off his sneakers. He walked into his bathroom with a towel, closing the door behind him. Stripping down before he got into the shower, and washed himself. He leaned against the wall, letting the hot water spit on his back. A bunch of thoughts came to his mind once again. They were all about.. George. He couldn't get him off his mind. His cheeks went bright pink when he thought of George's cute, little giggle. He smiled thinking about it. After a few minutes, he got out and wrapped a towel around his torso. He combed his hair and brushed his teeth. He put on boxers and a t-shirt, right before catapulting himself into bed. Whilst he was in bed, he decided to pull out his phone one more time, just to text George.

Georgeeeeeeeeeeee, are u awake??

Yes, I can't fall asleep. I'm too excited..

Aw, I'm sorry. I just wanted to quickly ask, because I forgot, what time do u get here?

Around 6:30?
I'll be at the airport, I'll take an Uber.

I can pick you up?

Noo, I know you, you'll forget 😒

I will not!

Nope! I'm taking an Uber lol

Lol ok, anyway. Here's my apartment number and the location.
################. Apartment number 45.
Gn georgieee

Goodnight kettle.

Clay smirked at his phone. He went out of discord and set a timer for 5:25AM. "This should give me enough time to get mentally prepared." He wheezed at himself. "I should get some rest now." He said, smiling. He put his phone on charge, and turned to his side. Closing his eyes, he had dreams about George. Smiling all along the way.

(heyhey- so that was the first chapter of this- 1013 words :3 very short but the next chapter will hopefully be longer :) thank you for reading <3)

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