Chapter 14: Mysterious Man

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Diana's POV

"What...?" My eyes went wide when Lucas asked Claude a really dangerous question. Oh dear, is this the payment for pairing Lucas and Athy? "Lucy! What are you talking about?" I said knitting my eyebrows.

The Young Man in a Young Woman's skin pointed his finger at the disguised hair of the Emperor. "We have the same hair colour and he looked quite handsome so I thought that he'll become my future father," he said in an innocent tone.

What a good actor.

"Quite handsome...?" Claude asked in a serious tone.

"I think that the Black Tower Magician is more handsome than you. Just like Lucas, the Young handsome Warlock at the Obelian Kingdom." Lucas told him with the smug on his face.

You are not supposed to do that! How can you win your future father-in-law's side?!

"I-- uhh Claude, please forgive my daughter for--"

"How about the current Obelian Emperor? Don't you think he's also handsome?"

(Athy: GO, PAPA! You're the only handsome man in mah eyes 😂)

"He's quite handsome" Lucas replied.

That made me dumbfounded.

Ha~ that Young Man, how will you be able to get into your future father-in-law's side? Besides... Claude is breathtakingly handsome! Not just Quite! He is beyond handsome! How could you say such words?

I'm not biased okay?

"But His daughter might be the Prettiest woman in Obelia" Lucas casually said, it made me and Claude stop.

Says the one who just claimed that he's prettier than Athanasia.

"Yes, she is" Claude replied to him.

"So are you going to become my Future-Father? When will you marry my mother?" Lucas brought back that dangerous question.


"Don't worry, I'll marry her soon" Claude replied to Lucas. I noticed Claude's eyes were observing the Young Warlock.


His face doesn't show any expressions but why do I feel like he's really going to do that?! "Your Majesty, you don't have to say that" I whispered to him.

"Why not?" He said. "And who are you calling 'Your Majesty'? Where's the 'let me be casual' of yours, blunt woman?"


"So you agreed to become my future-father, Do you mean it?" Lucas told him while smirking.

Woah. Future-Son-In-Law are you trying to set up your Future-father-in-law into an agreement?!

But anyway, Claude said "Yes" to him!

"Make sure not to break your words, Father" Lucas replied.

I don't know if I am only hallucinating but why do I feel like Lucas made Claude irritated? Is his father's instinct reacting?

Oh, dear Athy. Looks like your future husband is Clever.


"Mother, are you going home already?" Lucas asked me in a pitiful tone. "You're not going anywhere don't you?"

What an actor.

"Lucy, Mother has to go away for a while, but if you want we can go away together"

"But how about my Papa? He'll try to find me for sure" Lucas replied to me.

I don't know why but when Lucas suddenly mentioned the word 'Papa' I suddenly feel a chilly aura behind my back that made me flinched.

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