Chapter 15: The Good News

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"Wha--What happened to Papa?!" Athanasia asked Lucas when she saw her Papa Claude lying on his bed. 'What happened to my Papa?' Athanasia thought

"He's only sleeping. Actually, I made him asleep"

"Why?!" Athanasia fiercely to Lucas.

"Because it is necessary. Calm down My Princess, I'll explain it to you later. I have something to tell you" Lucas replied in a bored tone.

It's been an hour since he and Diana brought the Emperor home, and as expected, Athanasia began to asks questions about her father.

'Yes, her father... Again' Lucas thought

"What is it?"

"About the man who looks like your Father"

'A man who looks like Claude?' Athanasia thought. An image of a familiar man appeared on her mind, she suddenly took a glance at Lucas' hair. 'The man with the black coloured hair... '

"What about it?" She asked.

"I said I'll tell you later. I will also give you a piece of good news about your father's condition"

"Really?! That's new! Are you sure about it? Can you already fix Papa?"  Athanasia excitedly asked. 'I know I'm hoping for it too much... But can you blame me? I want my papa to be fixed already... "

"You're too optimistic, I'll discuss it with you later."

"Fine! Anyway, where's Mama? I haven't seen her yet"

"Oh... About that... "


"Lady Diana, Is there something bothering you?" Lily asked Diana.

The maid noticed her Lady having a deep thought.

"Nothing, just thinking about the incident that happened while we're in Siodonna" Diana replied while combing her long golden hair.

"Lily... May I ask you a question?"

"What is it, My Lady?"

Diana stopped combing her hair as she places the golden comb on a small table. "What is the exact relationship between the past me and Claude?"

Lilian glanced at her lady with wide eyes.   "Is there any possibility that you have regained your past life's memory, My Lady?"

"Oh! No, no, no! I'm just curious" Diana immediately replied. She cleared her throat while trying to gain her composure. "Did I become his fling?"

"MY LADY?!" Lily reacted.

"Eh? No? How come did he get me pregnant? Is Athanasia an accidental child?"


'Come on, just answer me. Even though I am the writer of 'The Lovely Princess' I have no idea what's the relationship between Diana and Claude' Diana thought.

"M-my Lady! Don't be silly! I don't know if I am allowed to say this but I think you and His Majesty did have a deep relationship"

'Deep Relationship?'

"Lily... "

"Yes, My Lady?"

"I see. Can you do my hair? Can you use pink roses as a decoration?" Diana asked Lily.

"My pleasure Lady Diana"

'Deep Relationship huh? '


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