14: Sad

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3rd person pov

Soyun woke up by a knock on her door. She squinted her eyes as she felt pain everywhere. Jin was not aware of what happened earlier. He was talking with Mr. Kim and Mrs. Lee. He was informed that they're gonna have a facetime with their parents. So jin came to inform her.

Soyun stood up with a lot of difficulties. She didn't know what was the reason but she felt too much tired. She was looking very pale and miserable. So she asked from the other side of the door without opening it.

Who's it?
Her voice was hoarse.
It's jin oppa. Soyunie are u sleeping?
Jin asked concerned from the other side.
No oppa...I'm up now. Tell me what u want... (tell me what u want right noww~~sry)
She quickly covered up as she didn't want jin to know, moreover bother him.
Ok then. I came to inform u that dad is calling us for a face time. Be ready after 30 mins ok?
Jin said standing outside the door. Soyun replied a small ok then jin went away.

He sighed as he walked to the living room. Soyun went to the bathroom and looked at her own reflection. Pathetic she looked at herself disgusted and sighed. She washed her face and wiped it with towel. She heard a blink on her phone.

But all the colours of her face drained away when she read it.
I'm waiting for u tomorrow, babygurl.
She looked at the screen in horror when another text came.
U got ur surprise earlier, right?
Tears formed in her eyes as she remembered those fake rumours which was spread over the whole school.

Good night sweetheart ❤
She made a disgusted face looking at the screen and tossed it on her bed. She held her head tightly as she felt a sting pain. Her vision started to get blurry and the everything around her started to spin around. She blinked multiple times and made sure she will not fall.

She went to the living room and saw everyone there. Everything became dead silent as she stepped there. All their gaze was on her which made her a bit uncomfortable. She went forward to sit in the couch near jhope. But he immediately scoffed and went to another sit. She felt hurt and was at the verge of cry but controlled it somehow. She sit near jin and waited for the call to start.

The call started and everyone was happily talking. But soyun was there sitting looking down at her lap. She heard her name being called and went forward with a fake smile. She sat in front of the laptop looking at her mother. But she herself became confused when she saw her mom's confused face.

Yunie! What's wrong with u? Are u alright? U look pale and weak! And u don't wear these easily!!! Why did u wear this? Are u sick?
Her mom bombarded her with question while soyun became stunned. Yeah it's true she doesn't like wearing this kind of oversized hoddie.

Y-yes mom. I'm t-totally fineh....
She spoked forcing a smile. But her mother didn't seemed assured.
Boys...is soyun bothered about something?
She asked referring to the boys. But jimin immediately spoke.
Yes mom. We are taking good care of our sister. Just we had so much fun and i think she's tired now.

Jimin gave a lame excuse and gestured soyun to go away from here.
Boys..I'm begging u. Plz take care if her. She became very gloomy after my son and past husband's death. I moved on but she couldn't. Plz give her the affection.
She said with desperation in her voice. But mr. Kim snatched the laptop away and looked at the boys with raging eyes.

Listen all of u. If i ever hear a complain from my daughter against u, I'll not let u go any of u easily. Mark my words.
He spoke in a threatening voice. But the boys seemed unbothered. Soon, the call was over and they all went to their respective room for a sound sleep.

Where soyun was there sitting blankly beside her window, looking at the night starts, tears slowly falling down. She couldn't take it anymore. She was too much hurt, both physically and mentally. Soft sobs escaped her mouth as she hugged her knees hiding her face between them.

She couldn't think of anything else. First of all she was scared for the next day and secondly, her stepbrothers. She missed her oppa very much. She went to her study table and turned the lamp on, writing on her diary.

It was late night when everyone was sleeping, soyun was there sobbing at her fate. Her mind was messed up. All she needed now was a hug, a shoulder to comfort, some sweet words and a caring self. She was actually sobbing in her sleep. And she couldn't feel her surroundings.

Jungkook was passing through her room when he heard sobs from soyun's room. He went in and saw the miserable girl crying while sleeping. For the first time, he felt bad. Bad for hurting her. Bad for treating her like that. But he didn't care when he did that. He didn't remember before treating her like that.

He sighed as he looked at the sleeping girl. But he decided to make it up and an idea immediately popped up in his mind. He smiled like a bunny thinking and caressed her hair.
Wait for me. U will be very happy seeing my surprise.

He said and left the room. Soyun fell asleep by then and waited for the next day to began. She didn't know what was waiting for her. All she knew was her next day will be vulnerable just like the other days....

End of chapter 14

I couldn't find something to write. So this chapter is apparently small. And i was down lately...those who followed me know. So please consider :)

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