Chapter 20

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Kates Pov

I wake up to my alarm on my phone going off. I don't want to get up yet my bed is so warm and it's cold out there. Maybe just five more minutes. As I'm closing my eyes someone decides to come into the room and pick me up and start to bonch me up and down. I whine and try to get back into the bed but whoever the heck is holding me because i Don't want to open my eyes yet I shall not be defeated, they start to walk over to the bathroom. The only reason I know this is because The bathroom is much colder than the bedroom.

I give up and open my eyes and see its Daxs. It doesn't seem like he has gotten ready for today yet because his hair is all messy. He looks cute. He sets me down on the counter and grabs my hair brush. He turns me around so I'm facing the Mirrors and starts to brush my hair. I'm falling asleep as he is brushing my hair, I jolt awake from someone laughing I see Daxs laughing at me.

" What are you laughing at " I asks

" You. you look so cute " He says . I just blushed

I see he put my hair into two braids. I think i look nice daxs spin me back around and pick me up. He sets me down and tells me to brush my teeth. He picks my clothes for the day. I grab my Pink tooth brush and start to brush my teeth. After I finish in the bathroom I wake back into the bedroom and see that Daxs left the room and there are some clothes on the bed. He set out a purple and black plaid skirt and a black band-T (slipknot band - tee), black knee highs, and a little chain belt.

I walk out of my room and head down into the kitchen, and see people running around. What is happening?

" Morning princess, " Lucas says as he kisses my forehead.

" What's going on?" I ask as he picks me up.

" Well we have a little problem at work we just need to take care of but don't worry, We will still have your special day but Dax will have to say here for a bit is that okay with you?" He asked

" Yeah it okay i guess But what's going on with work is important he can wait" I say

" It fine nothing to worried about like i said daxs it taking care of it " He said

Lucas sat down at the table we met in this lap,In Front of us was a bowl of froot loops. I started to eat it and i got a little milk on my shirt.

" Here let me help you " He says as he takes the spoon out of my hand.

God he make me feel so little. He start to feed me. Once i finish all of my food he sits up with me in my arms and we take the bowl and put it in the sink.

" Have you eaten yet ?" I ask

" Yes, I have to thank you for asking. I have to take care of one more thing before we leave so how about you go play with the doggies for a bit and then we can leave ?" He says

" Yeah that's fine Bee and Bunny have been waiting to have another tea party for a while now"

" Good idea I bet they have been feeling deprived " He laughed as he sat me down.

He walks off too his office and I go into the backyard to get Bunny and bee. can they follow me right up too my bedroom. I get everything set up for a tea party. I just needed the snacks and tea but I'm not allowed to use the kettle anymore so apple juice will have to do, But they doggys get water because apple juice is bad for them. I grab the thing a apple juice,two bottles of water, a row of cookies and some doggy treats. They do not need their tummies to hurt. I would feel bad.

I walk up the stairs and into my room, and Bunny and Bee and sitting up right in their spot at the table.There so Cute. I set the snacks and drinks now so I can go grab their tiaras. I grab them and set it down on their heads.

I get everything ready and we start are wonder tea party.

* Two hours later *

BUnny and Bee got tired so they got on my bed and took a nap. What is taking Lucas so long. I walk down stairs and knock on the door, I hear I quit coming in and see Daxs and Lucas working. They both look up at me.

" Oh shit im so sorry i forgot " Lucas says as he gets up

" It's okay if you guys have work to do. oaty '' I say walking out of the room.

" NO No no come on it's going to be all of use now we are going out for lunch and then too the mall and then ice cream today is for you now go grab you coat and lets goooo " LUcas says

I smile and jump around all happy like. I see both Lucas and daxs get up and grab the coats. I run up the stairs and grab Mine.


Hey guys, I know it's been a few weeks. Sorry I have had a lot of tests lately but I should be able to give you guys another update this week. This is unedited sorry I'm trying to fix everything as best as i can. I hope you enjoy. BYe myloves


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