Chapter Twenty-nine

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After driving half an hour, Zhan and Yibo finally reached their destination. Yibo parked the in garage.

"Yay. I'm so excited." Zhan exclamed.

"Listen, I'm going to say something important. So, please listen to me first." Yibo said noticing Zhan's excitement.

"Mnnn, will listen but, please don't speard knowledge now. I'm not in mood." Zhan said stopping Yibo.

"Shut up. And listen to me carefully. As it's your first day in uni. Be careful what you say and how you behave. Don't talk too much nonsense. Okay?" Yibo said.

"What do you mean, don't talk too much nonsense? Am I a idiot or what? " Zhan shouted.

"Noisy." Yibo said and sighed.

"What?!" Zhan asked being annoying.

"Let it be, just be careful with others." Yibo said and got down from the car.

Zhan also got down.

"Ohh.. Yibo, you are also my class teacher right?" Zhan asked.

"Mnn.. let's go. I will show your class then have to go teacher's room. Yibo said and started walking, Zhan also started following him.

"Okay. What about Mianmian? Is she...

"Yeah. She is also your class teacher." Yibo replied before Zhan could finish his sentence.

"That's the reason, I said you to be careful but, you are a idiot of course. Also, I can't say be careful with that Mianmian, of course. It will be weird. And, I don't know, what's going between them. But, I'm sure there is something going on." Yibo thought in his mind while walking.

"Okay. That will be fun then." Zhan thought in his mind when a devilish smirk across his face slightly.

"Here go in 3rd floor, left side first room is your class. Go now. First class is mine. So, I'm coming in a while." Yibo said stopping infront of a building.

"Okay." Zhan said and run to the stairs.

"Be careful...." Yibo said but, Zhan didn't heard it because, he is already gone.

"This boy...wait, why I'm so worried about him. I should be worried about others, they will have a tough time including me." Yibo thought himself and walk to the teacher's room.

On the other side, Zhan found his class and now standing on the door. He inhale a large breath and walk in the room.

"Hello everyone." Zhan said standing in front of everyone with a bright smile.

"Awwwww, look at him. He is so cute." A girl said looking at Zhan.

"Hello. Are you the new student?" A boy asked waving.

"Yeah." Zhan replied.

"Wow. Nice to meet you. What's your name?" That guy asked smiling.

"Oh, I'm Wang Xiao Zhan." Zhan introduce himself.

Then one by one everyone introduce themselves to Zhan. Everyone was happy to see a beautiful pretty boy in their class. After introduction. Zhan sat beside a girl, named Li Yang.

"You know what Zhan, you are too cute too handle.". Li Yang said looking at Zhan.

"Haha... You are also beautiful." Zhan said smiling.

"Oh, can I ask something?" Li Yang asked.

"Yeah, sure." Zhan replied.

"How come, you have both Xiao and Wang in your name?" Li Yang asked.

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