Chapter 20

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"Ah, shit..." You wake up groggy with a throbbing head; oh yeah, that is the alcohol. You rub your eyes exhaustedly, finally waking up properly. You tried remembering how you had ended up in your room, but you could not. Maybe it is because of the alcohol. After it wears out, I will remember. You let out a deep sigh. Why does it feel like I kissed someone last night? Or am I just delusional? You shrug the feeling off 'cause you couldn't care less. The lazy person that you are: dragged yourself off the bed towards the bathroom to freshen up. As I had mentioned earlier, a good, long shower has always been your way of rest and relaxation. And at times like this; you could really use one.

Wrapping a towel around yourself, you step out of the bathroom and walk over to your cupboard to search for a dress. You were just seconds away from taking off your towel when you hear your door latch being unlocked. You hurriedly wrapped it up again as you twirl around to see who had arrived. You see Hoseok standing, covering his eyes, preventing himself from looking at you. You giggle at the sight.

"You can open your eyes now, Hoseok." You say, trying not to break into a fit of giggles. Slowly but surely, he slides his hands off; peeking through his fingers to make sure if it was possible to do so. You stood there, hands on your hips waiting until he fully uncovered his eyes.

"Hoseok! Seriously?! Don't you know something called 'knocking'?!" You scold him, whilst he covered his ears. You smirk. His hearing frequency is obviously higher than yours, 'cause y'know, he was a vampire. "Aw, is my voice really high pitched?" You ask, mockingly. He looked at me with a 'what the fuck' expression, while you started giggling as if you have been attacked by tickles.

"Y/N! Stop it!" He pleaded, pouting. Seeing the third eldest male pouting made you laugh even harder, causing you to let out a snort. You covered your mouth with your palm, surprised you had let out a snort. And this time, it was Hoseok's turn to laugh. You stared at him, as he fell on the floor whilst laughing, with a 'it's not funny' facial expression. After what seemed like forever, he ceases his laughing, and stood up, making his puffy, brown hair.

"Okay, that's enough. What if I had been naked?!" You yell at him, once again. He rubs his neck as his cheeks brushes fifty shades of red. He avoided eye contact with you as he answered, "I thought you were asleep and- and..." He trails off, leaving me to do the guessing. "...and?" You repeat, waiting him to finish the sentence for you. "And, so, I came to wake you up because the others are not home." He finished. "Why? Where are the others?" You ask him, confused. For all you know, they have never gone out before. "They left to hunt for animals. We've run out of animal blood." He stated. You nod your head in understanding. "Oh, and I came to call you down for breakfast." He added. "Fine, now please leave so I can join you for breakfast." You say as he scurries past your door, locking it.

You put on something that you would normally wear at home and rush downstairs to find Hoseok sitting near the dining table waiting or me to arrive. As he sensed someone standing, he looks up and gives you a polite smile. "Ah, Y/N. Come, sit." He motioned you over to a vacant space opposite to his. You nod your head and seat yourself on the cushioned chair. Your eyes roam around the table as there were a spread of dishes to choose from; and your eyes landed on your favorite: Bibimbap. This was that one dish you remember that your mother had made for you couple of times when you were very young. It somehow brings back good memories, even though you knew what had had happened to them. You felt a sting in your eyes, and the next thing you knew, you were sobbing, silently. You did not want to make Hoseok worry about you; you did not need anyone's pity; all you need is yourself. 'Cause you know at the end all you have is yourself. That is how you always thought to yourself. It may be right...right? You were snatched out of your thoughts as you hear your name. "...Y/N? Y/N!" You hurriedly wipe away your tears and lock your eyes with Hoseok. "Yeah?" You ask, hoping he would not have noticed. "Y/N, are you crying?" He questioned you, squinting his eye, examining your facial expressions. You avoid eye-contact with him and shook your head, "No, who's crying? I just got something in my eye." I lie, and seemingly, he seems to buy my excuse. You proceed eating in silence, it was not an awkward one, but a comforting one.


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