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George quickly grabbed the bowl from the floor, which luckily wasn't broken. He stayed still for a moment, hoping to not hear any shuffling, which fortunately didn't arise.

He placed the bowls in the sink, turned around, and found a notepad in a drawer. George began to try and work out other combinations to not jump to conclusions.

When this proved much too annoying, he searched up a letter unscrambler, and typed in the letters.

The AI ran for a moment and then spit out possible combinations, and there was his greatest fear.

"I love you, George" was the top result.

Maybe it's a different George, maybe it's a joke. George frantically ran through every possibility that it could have been, but alas, he couldn't find a decent reason.

Dream loved him? Or at least he did when that note was written. But when was that note written?

George tucked these into a small dark corner of his mind and went back upstairs, where Dream laid fast asleep.

The questions resurfaced as George admired Dream.

In a quick fashion, George scribbled a note, ripped it off the notepad and tossed it onto Dream's chest, scribbled another note, which along with Dream's original note, he tore into little pieces and sent it into the garbage disposal.

"Now he won't know anything, and that's off my chest." George said, proudly.

He grabbed his coat off the rack and stepped outside into the cold air.

What the fuck was he going to do.

Dream awoke an hour later, and after a few moments of adjusting to the light, noticed the note on his chest.

He picked it up, read it, and sighed.

Had to go home and check on my cat, try not to die while i'm gone, be back soon :)


His head was still pounding, and he had no idea how long he was sleeping. Dream sat upright in bed and rubbed his eyes.

His room was cleaner than usual. Dream rolled out of bed, stumbling slightly, and found where George had hidden the ibuprofen (bathroom cabinet instead of the top kitchen shelf that only housed expired cans and other medicine, really a war crime).

Once this task was accomplished, Dream went downstairs and opened the cabinet, not really hungry but unsure of what else to do.

He scanned over the shelves, his eyes finally landing on the shelf with mac and cheese.

Dream froze.

That box with the note, was it the one George used?

He quickly focused on the boxes, the one with the note was marked with a black square on top. Upon this box being missing, panic set in.

Calm down, you might've just misplaced the box. Check the recycling.

The recycling held exactly what he feared it would hold, a orange mac and cheese box with a black square on top.

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