15: Oppa

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Soyun pov

I woke up to find myself in a dark creepy room. I tried to move but found my wrists tied tightly at the back. My legs were also tied with the legs of chair. I tried to scream but only my muffled noise came out as my mouth was taped. My heart started beating wildly. I was more than terrified.

I looked at the door with fear in my eyes as it started to open with a cracking sound. A man came inside holding another man by his neck. The other man was covered with blood. He pushed the bloody man on the floor forcefully in front if my tied legs.

My eyes went wide as i came to see the face of the person. It was MINHYUK oppa! I tried to scream but couldn't. I tried to move from my position but i was numb. I couldn't move. Tears started flowing from my eyes like a waterfall. The man standing in front of me started to laugh like a maniac.

As if it's the most funniest thing ever. I looked at him terrified but i couldn't see his face. He stopped laughing and looked at me creepily.
U wanna talk babe?
My eyes went wide as i heard the voice. His voice was oddly familiar but i couldn't sort out. He gave me the vibes of a person whom i couldn't remember.

Even my brain wasn't working well. What in the fucking world was going on? I looked at oppa as he started speaking with his trembling voice.
S-soyuniee...don't b-be afraid. Reme-mber ur o-oppa always lo-love u
I shook my head vigorously with tears streaming down.

Said goodbye? Now it's ur time to go~~
The mysterious man in front of me said and again started laughing while getting his gun ready. I shook my head with my thampering heartbeat.
G-goodbye soyunie...t-take care o-f your-selfh

The man pointed his gun at oppa and pulled hus trigger, ready to shoot. I tried to scream but couldn't. I tried to stop him but i was tied. Just then......


I woke up breathing heavily and sweating badly. I looked around and discovered myself in my room. I placed my palm on my chest only to feel my inhuman speed heartbeat. That was a terrifying nightmare! Tears started to welling up in my eyes as i remembered the dream.

Why do i keep seeing dreams like this? Who was it? I remembered his faint voice but couldn't think who the person could be. After i calmed down a bit, i got up from my bed and checked the time saying 6:05 in the morning. Still much time!

I stood up and stretched a little. But i felt pain on my left arm, where the cut was. I didn't recover from the wound yet and over that, i fell on the ground! Just great! *sarcastic* I sighed as i went to select my dress. I couldn't find something that could cover my arms. At last, i decided to wear this

I took a long 30 minutes shower and felt refreshed

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I took a long 30 minutes shower and felt refreshed. I was looking somewhat presentable. But my smile soon fade away as i remembered about sehun. Thinking of him, fear took over me. My lips became dry and my breath started shaking.

But i gave myself some self talk and went downstairs to make some breakfast for my stepbrothers. I learnt how to make some pancakes so i decided to make it.

I was almost done when i heard someone coming. I saw jin oppa coming with a sleepy face. He smiled seeing me but his eyes went wide suddenly.
Strawberryyyy did u make those pancakes????
He said pointing at the pancakes decorated on the table. I nodded with a smile.

Soon, everybody started coming and ate the breakfast with delight. I was so glad that they liked it. Moreover, i didn't have to face them. I was munching on my apple looking at the garden outside when i felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned around to see jin oppa standing there.
Hey oppa!
I said and smiled a little.
Yun-ah...u r not going to school today.
He said with a low voice. I squinted my brows and looked at him confused.
Why what's wrong oppa?

Actually, ur mom told u to stay at home. U need rest! And also, we have some work to do. Taehyung will be staying in the house.
Anxiety took over me as i heard that. Even though i was slightly happy that i don't need to go to school, i was TOTALLY not happy that taehyung oppa is staying. I'm still afraid of him.

But i just nodded slowly with a small fake smile. I went to my room and sat on the bed with a sigh. So it means i have to do all the works! This mansion is huge like a palace. And i myself have to clean the whole fucking house. This is just- ridiculous.

I started doing my works silently. Everyone was out and it was only tae oppa and me. I was done moping the whole house except tae oppa's room. I didn't have the courage to face him. I took a deep breath and knocked his door with my trembling hand.

The door opened after sometimes revealing an unbothered cold looking taehyung. He just avoided me and headed to the gaming room which was a few rooms away. I heaved a sigh in relief and started cleaning his room.

I was done doing all chores. But i was tired as hell. I went to my room and fell on the bed, facing the ceiling. I decided to to take a shower and go out for a walk, which would probably lift up my mood.

After taking shower, i wore this

I went downstairs and headed to the front door

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I went downstairs and headed to the front door. But halted at my steps when i heard a deep voice.
Where in the earth are u going?
I turned around gulping nervously and pressed my lips forming a thin line.
T-to have a walk. In the park.

He looked at me coldly but turned around without saying anything. I again sighed and turned to leave. Seriously how many times i have to sigh in a day?

I was walking silently in the park enjoying the nature when i heard my name being called.
I looked around confusingly and my eyes met someone jumping waving at me. My face immediately lightened up seeing the person.


End of chapter 15

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