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Klaus and Anna drove to Northwich in silence. Not even the radio was turned on. Anna sat in the passenger seat, the map folded up on her knees and she was staring at the road in-front of her. Klaus kept his eyes ahead but occasionally he looked at her from the corner of his eye. She didn't seem to have any emotion anymore. She was just.... existing. When they pulled up to the stranded house, they both got out the car and Anna opened the map before nodding slightly before walking up the messy driveway. The steps up to the porch were creaky and one was snapped in the middle. The wood was dry and dirty, obviously not attended to in an amount of years. The windows were stained so badly you couldn't see inside and the wooden awning had spiderwebs dangling from its corners. Anna reached out, grabbed the handle and swung the door open. The hallway inside was dark and dusty. There was no furniture, just a closed door at the end of the corridor. A creepy portrait of a man hung on the wall opposite a line of empty metal hooks. Anna confidently walked inside but as Klaus tried to do the same, he was stopped by a barrier surrounding the house. Anna turned around.
"Someone must own the place." She said before taking afew more steps into the house. "Don't worry. I'll get Marcel." Klaus watched his sister as she boldly walked down the corridor towards the door. When she opened it, it revealed Marcel tied to a chair, unconscious. He was tied down with vervain-soaked chains and his daylight ring was lying useless on the other side of the room. Half of his head was smothered in blood and his shirt had rips in different places. Anna tore the ropes apart. Of course, as she wasn't real vampire, vervain didn't affect her. She grabbed his ring and placed it back on his finger before she swung his arm round the back of her neck and pretty much carried most of his weight towards the front door. Klaus smiled with delight. Marcel was alive. He wasn't exactly awake or okay but he was alive. But that wasn't the end. Anna stopped before she made it to the threshold. Klaus stares at her in confusion.
"What is it?"
"You really thought I would do this out of my own kindness? You have something that belongs to me and I want it back."
"What? After that entire heart-to-heart? You turn you back on me and do this?"
"Come on, Nik. You thought that was a heart-to-heart?"
"I trusted you."
"Well that will just be a lesson you'll have to learn."
"What do you want?"
"Freya has a grimoire that belongs to me. It contains dark magic that only a strong witch is able to control. And I want it." Klaus stared at her before answering.
"Okay, fine. We'll go get the grimoire." Anna doesn't move. "Why do you deserve it before you give me Marcel?"
"Oh I dont. But I can easily do this." Annas eyes turned amber and her bottom 2 teeth grew sharper. She turned her head sideways and slowly started moving towards Marcels bare neck.
"Stop!" Klaus shouted before she bit him. She moved her head back and her eyes went blue again. "I'll get the grimoire." He said as he slowly backed away, keeping his eye on his sister. He walked down the steps and back to his car and only broke eye contact with Anna when he turned on the engine and drove away.

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