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"Hold it in place," Namjoon announced‚ lifting your arms even more so the gun would point promptly into the middle of the cardboard. "...and shoot." You let go of the trigger which sent a bullet drifting across the room and landing directly onto the middle of the cardboard.

"Good job. You're getting sufficient each day whenever I educate you something." He clapped at your developments.

Namjoon has been instructing you to hold a firearm for more than a week now‚ enlightening you on various strategies to protect yourself even if you already memorized how to.

You giggled before speaking. "Of course‚ I'm a wonderful student and a fast learner. I bet that I'd get better even more in the next few days."

"I'm sure you would." He passed you a tumbler‚ with water inside it. "You should take a rest now‚ our training session is done for the day!"

"Okay‚ I'll get back to my room in just a second." You walked away from the middle of the room‚ sitting down on the bench where you would always rest.

You didn't even know how you got into this situation. Namjoon training you how to hold a gun and use it properly. It was all confusing even from the start.



"Y/N‚ we'd like to have a word with you." Taehyung and the rest of the boys suddenly appeared in front of you making you flustered shy.

You cleared your throat before answering. "What is it?" You raised both of your brows. Yoongi gestured for everyone to sit down on the chairs that were positioned next to the table.

"So‚ someone had invited us to join a birthday party," Jimin began. "Of course‚ we agreed on coming‚ but we don't want to leave you alone in this house." He placed his hand under his chin‚ examining your emotions.

"And what are you suggesting?" You crossed your arms with one of your brows lifted.

"What we're explaining is‚ we prefer you to come with us to the birthday celebration." And now‚ Jungkook was the one who spoke. "We've already schemed through this a while ago‚ so we know what we're doing."

"Am I allowed to come to the birthday party though?" You inquired. 

"Don't worry Y/N‚ we'll be right by your side in case somebody acknowledges you." Taehyung wandered towards you‚ sitting on the chair next to you.

"And‚ Namjoon already planned something for you." Hoseok was now the one speaking up. You raised your brow at Namjoon before he finally talked.

"I'll train you to hold a gun‚ just in case something unpredictable comes about at the party. We never know what the birthday boy is scheduling but to make sure you'll be safe‚ I'll be educating you on how to hold and manipulate a gun properly. Is that okay?" Namjoon elucidated.

It took a long time before you let out a deep sigh. You fiddled with your fingers‚ fixing your sitting position and nodding after. You saw some of their gazes move onto you after you agreed.

"Fine‚ I'll approve with it." You let out a breath again. "When will the coaching session start?" You asked Namjoon.

"Tomorrow," he simply declared. "You better get watchful today‚ I'll provide you a moment." He snickered.


And that is how you ended up training with him every single day. What a wonderful story!

Namjoon wasn't that strict on you but occasionally he's not in the mood and just let you accomplish arbitrary stuff that encompasses holding an armor.

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