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This is it. This is the day we're finally going to the birthday party Namjoon's friends have invited us to go to.

You woke up more prematurely than expected to prepare for the approaching occasion later afternoon. As you think about what's going to occur at the party, a piece of you feels like something was about to go wrong and should not be disregarded.

Shrugging, you stood up from your mattress, getting convenient to start the day and to attend the following event later on.

The boys were considerate enough to provide you with this incredible dress they picked up from somewhere. You took a decent look at it, scanning the numerous shimmering beads that were concealing half of the gown.

The dress itself wasn't that long which you were delighted about. It was a ballet sweetheart gown, pink beads were surrounding the waistline of the gown, corresponding to the principle faultlessly.

You glanced at the shoes beside the dress, glimpsing the matching stiletto shoes that appeared with the dress. You weren't that fond of wearing heels, only wearing them on happenings, so you don't know if you can still stroll with them suitably.

Somebody had to discontinue your amicable moment by thumping on the entrance of your space which made you startle by the surprising disturbance. Which one of them knocked this time?

The door unlocked, uncovering Jimin who appeared to just wake up a while ago. His gloomy hair was still messy, perhaps from turning around his mattress too extensively. You were also confused about why he came to your room early in the daylight.

This was also the first time you and Jimin were about to talk together after that moment when you inquired him a question and he abruptly walked out of your room without an explanation.

"Good morning Y/N," Jimin greeted with a raspy voice when noticing you standing beside the clothing they bought.

"Good morning to you too, Jimin." The words almost came out as a stutter. You placed your hands on your back, secretly fidgeting with your fingers by the intense setting that was developed.

"It's been a long time since we've last talked, except when we talk with the boys." He started walking inside your room, closing the door behind him. "What I mean is, simply the two of us speaking to each other."

You nodded, Jimin's statements getting through you. This is humiliating to confess, but you also wished to communicate with Jimin, not involving the comments that he doesn't prefer to discuss.

"And also, I'm sorry for the rude remark on the last time we chatted. I was stressed out at that time and I threw my anger at you. I'm sorry." He sighed.

You instantly shook your head, stopping him from asking forgiveness. "No, it's completely fine. I wasn't mad at you for doing that. I now recognize the complicated disaster you were in."

He chuckled, fascinated by your reaction. He thought you'd be mad at him with this kidnapping circumstance. He remembered the first time you two talked, at the school's bathroom.

"I didn't assume we would end up in this situation, to be honest." Jimin laughed, showing his eye-smile to you. "I remember the first time we chatted which was at the school's bathroom." At this moment, you two both cackled, totally thrilled by today's difficulty.

"I do remember that. You even took me to my classroom at that time." Giggling, you managed to say those words. "I also didn't expect you would be my kidnapper." You squinted your eyes, still smiling.

"And, I didn't expect you to be my hostage—" He thought twice, understanding about what he just mumbled that truly sounded mistaken. "I mean, I kinda knew that you were. I just wanted to join what you stated." He lightly rubbed the back of his neck.

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