Chapter 26-letting go

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Fred could feel his lungs tighten and threaten him with death as he chose not to breathe. His widening eyes stared up into Emberlynn's golden brown eyes which gave him the strength to exhale.

"Blackwood, it's me Freddie", his voice cracked out.

Ember backed herself up against the cold stone wall, "I don't know you", she whispered.

Fred could hear the loud echoing footsteps coming down the hallway but didn't have the strength to pull his gaze away from Ember. He didn't want to lose her.

The running footsteps stopped behind him.

"Em, what's wrong?", a voice asked.

Fred turned around to see the face that matched the voice he recognized almost immediately. Ginny.

George who stood by Ginny looked deep into his twin brothers face and recognized the hurt expression.

Fred shot his gaze back around to make sure Ember was still there. She looked like a scared little puppy on the side of the road.

Ginny walked a couple steps forward so she was next to Fred, "What's going on?"

Fred could feel his eyes begin to burn, "She doesn't . . . remember"

This seemed to frighten Ember a little more than she already was. Her hands looked glued to the wall. "Am I supposed to?"

Ginny glanced from Fred to Ember a couple times before quietly and calmly walking over to her. "Hey, Emberlynn. You don't remember anything?", she asked sweetly.

Ember stared at her while her mind raced for any realization of remembrance. After a few moments she shook her head and her bottom lip began to quiver lightly.

Ginny slowly took Ember's hand into hers, "It's okay, it's okay. I'm Ginny. Those tall Ginger's behind me are my brothers, Fred and George"

Ginny could feel Ember begin to calm down and her grip loosen on her hand.

"I think we should take her back to the Hospital wing", said George.

The sudden urgency scared Ember back against the wall with force.

"Hey hey hey. It's okay! The Hospital wing is safe. That's where they can help you", Ginny reassured.

"Will you stay there with me?", asked Ember.

Ginny smiled lightly and nodded, "Of course. So will Fred"

Ember looked from Ginny to Fred and George.

"Oh right!", Ginny laughed, "Fred raise your hand", she demanded.

Fred lifted his arm into the air with a warm smile, "I'm Fred, that's George", he said pointing to his brother. George waved and grinned lightly.

Ember shook her head while pointing to Fred, "He was chasing me!"

Ginny slowly turned to look at Fred, "You did what?"

Fred scratched the back of head, "I thought she was messing around, I wasn't doing it on purpose"

"Apologize to her!", she yelled at Fred.

George nudged Fred in his ribcage, pointed to Ember and crossed his arms, "She's waiting for your apology mate"

He walked over to Ember very cautiously, "I'm sorry for chasing you through the hallway Blackwood. I didn't mean to scare you"

After a couple seconds, she nodded. Ginny then led Ember down the corridor towards the Hospital wing where Madam Pomfrey and Professor McGonagall would be waiting.

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