chapter twenty-two

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y/n pov

'how could my life get any worse?' i questioned to myself

speedily i shut my door and was finally able to let out that breath i didn't realise i had been holding (this phrase is literally in every wattpad story ever so i though i might as well add it lol)

like waterfalls, tears began to stream down my face as i thought about everything

first we are in an apocalypse, secondly i loose my parents, then i get my period and now yoongi has just screamed at me for no reason

yoongi's words 'your so f*cking stupid' replayed over and over again in my head causing more and more tears

i'm sure the others are mad at me too

'god i'm so pathetic' the little voice i my head began to say

'they probably hate me and are just gonna get rid of me'

'i don't deserve to be here'

'they have gone through so much and now i am just being a burden to them'

i go into the bathroom that is connected to my room and lock the door since my room door doesn't lock

sliding down the door, i pull my knees to my chest and hide me face in my hands

'i'm worthless'

'they don't want me to stay with them anymore'

my eyes hurt, my stomach hurts, my head hurts

this isn't fair

i slowly look up and notice that there is more and more blood on my leg and now some on my arm too

'this looks like too much blood to loose' i thought but maybe it was normal

'maybe it's because i haven't been eating the best foods that i need' i came up to that conclusion but my mind still couldn't decide weather to panic about the amount of blood or keep crying

i knew they were all going to hate me

why wouldn't they?

my uncle always used to tell me how disgusting periods were and how dirty i was for getting them

"you disgust me" he would yell while making me bleed even more

they were going to hate me just like he did, just like i did

those thought caused me to cry even more

tae pov

jimin-"what do you mean?" he asks confused

namjoon sighed and slowly pointed out the red stain on the wall

jungkook-"okay so there's some paint on the wall, so what?"

namjoon-"it's not paint" he said sounding annoyed

j-hope-"then w- oh" he said

yoongi-"what do you mean 'oh'?"

namjoon-"she's got her period idiots!"

oh no

there was a moment of silence as no one really knew what to do until yoongi broke it

yoongi-"that doesn't explain why she was trying to run away?" he said still sounding annoyed but a bit less

jimin-"maybe she was embarrassed, girls get like that when they have it"

then i remembered something

me-"wait when i first met her i asked if she had like pads and stuff and she told me they were in her bag but when we came here we left that bag in the car"

jin-"so she was just trying to get pads and ended up getting screamed at for it?" he said angrily

yoongi-"how was i supposed to know?!"

namjoon-"i noticed within a couple minutes, you were out there with her longer so if you would have asked them i am sure she would have told you"

yoongi-"i did ask!"

j-hope-"he means asked nicely"

me-"why didn't she just come to one of us and ask for help?"

j-hope-"she was probably too embarrassed to ask"

namjoon-"we should probably go get her stuff now and give it to her"

jungkook-"and apologise"

i went out to the car with yoongi and jungkook to go get her bag since i knew what it looked like, i gave it a quick check on the inside to make sure it had what she needed and then we headed back

me-"got it" i said once we reached the others

namjoon-"are you sure it's the right one?"


jin-"i have got some other clothes she can wear here"

j-hope-"and i got her some chocolate because i know that helps"

namjoon-"is everyone ready?" he said as though it was some great mission

j-hope-"yess" he said happily as the rest of us nodded

'he's even happy in the morning!' i thought to myself as we walked towards her door

me-"y/n?" i said slowly and knocked on the door

there was no response

me and the others looked at each other confused but i knocked again and still no response

me-"we are coming in" i said gently

she wasn't in her room or on her bed

we all looked confused and namjoon was about to speak until we heard a quiet sob

it was coming from her bathroom

we could all hear her soft cries and none of us knew what to do

i don't think many of us expected her to be this upset about it

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