17: Period

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U might listen to the above song if u r a multistan kpoper. 'Into the New World' by GIRLS GENERATION

Soyun pov

I quickly went to my room locked it panting heavily. I became red due to embarrassment. How can i forget things so easily and behave like that! Stupid me i said and smacked my head. I smiled by myself and sat on the edge of my bed.

But soon, it was replaced by a sad smile as i remembered about minhyuk oppa. How i reacted when he got even a slight scratch. My vision started getting blurry when some notifications pulled me out of my thoughts.

I panicked as saw some messages from an unknown number. I opened the messages feeling scared. But sighed in relief as i saw the texts. I read the messages formic a smile on my lips.

9 mins ago
Did u arrive? 😕

8 mins ago

6 mins ago

5 mins ago
I swear soyun I'll drag u by ear the whole Seoul town if u don't reply!!!

3 mins ago
Cherry, princess plz plz plz relpyyyy!
I'm worried sick. 😥

2 mins ago
At least leave me on seen!?

1 min ago
Lee SOYUN!!! 😡
Don't get in any trouble my cherry.
I hope u r fine

45 secs ago


Yes yes oppa.
I arrived. No need to drag me by ear!
And why are u SCREAMING through chats?!


I didn't told u to calm down.
Carry on hehe😆
I'm fine as long my ears are not hurting😂

Aish this kid😤
Ok now go and fresh up!
Got it!?

Okk mamma!!

I saved his name as 💙Jackson oppa💙. Then I smiled and threw my phone on the bed. I fall on my back stretching two arms on two sides. After sometime, i got up and went to change. I felt something on my pants and saw bloods. Periods? I huffed and went to the closet to bring some pads. But my bad, i was out if all pads and tampons.

Ugghhh! What's wrong with me? Wait- I remembered about my emergency kit and rushed to check out without wasting a single time. I smiled as i saw one. But i need to go to the store asap. I changed into something comfortable and presentable as well.

I headed to the downstairs and went to the kitchen

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I headed to the downstairs and went to the kitchen. I saw taehyung oppa there drinking water. I gulped in nervousness as soon i saw him. I remembered my behaviour a few minutes ago which made me embarrassed in front of him.

Shit! I have to go to the store! But i have to ask him!!! What am i gonna tell him? I was full of thoughts when a deep voice pulled me out of my world.
What are u doing here?
I looked at him but then immediately looked down, not having the courage to look into his eyes.
Umm..actually...i need to go to the store....

He asked emotionless. Now what should i tell him! That i need to buy my period supplies? Or some girly products? Yes this should be better. I thought to myself then spoke
I need to buy something from there.
I know u will only buy something from the store. But I'm asking u the SPECIFIC reason.

He asked me encouraging the word specific. Ok..now i need to tell him!
I need to buy some girly products....
I heard him sigh then paused a moment before speaking
I'll go with u
I looked at him wide eyes
No no u really don't need to go!!
He looked at me for a moment then spoke with his as usual stern voice.
I'm not asking u. I'm ordering u that u will go with me.

With that, he left. I sighed in frustration then grabbed the glass to drink water. I saw him heading the front door and i quickly followed him.

We were walking quitely and I was following him from behind. We arrived the store and he stopped suddenly making me puzzled. I stood beside him and looked at him confusingly. He looked at me with the corner of his eyes and spoke calmly.
Go and bring what u need. I'll be waiting outside.

I nodded and started walking towards the store. But his next qord made me very hurt.
Come quickly. Don't start to flirt with boys there.
Tears started to form in my eyes but i controlled them somehow. Well what else i expect from him? I directly went to the pads section and brought enough for me.

I was walking without paying much attention when i bumped with someone.
We said in unison. But my eyes widened as i heard the voice. It was...

Sana unnie!!!

End of chapter 17

New character!

didn't gof the chance to revise. Forgive me if there's any mistake!

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