Chapter eight

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It took nearly an hour to finally decide on what to wear or rather give in to Danny's nagging. Since Danny disapproved of almost every outfit I tried on,she gave me one of her dresses to wear.  Its a white lace dress thats doing a terrible job at accommodating my boobs and its way to short for my liking. It screams sexy and that's not what I was going for. Nonetheless, I still chose to wear it because she couldn't stop talking about how hot I look in it.

I haven't gone to work today because I'm so nervous.

The mere fact that I'm minutes away of meeting up with Mr. Namboga to plan a wedding. My wedding is really quite hard to process.

Currently its 2:57 pm and just when I'm about to apply abit of makeup I hear a car beep.

Peeking through the window, I see a black SUV car parked right outside our apartment.

That must be him.

On that note, I quickly rush to the mirror to finish up.

"Shit,where are those damn heels?", I ask myself getting annoyed.

I really hate it when I can't find something that I know for sure was right there. Its not like they have feet or something.

Spotting them, I hurriedly put them on grabbing my handbag and keys and run to the best of my heels ability to the front door.

I find a man that looks to be in his late thirties waiting for me with the door open.

"Good day ma'am,sir has instructed me to drive you to him" , He says. 

I give a small nod and enter the car.

I've only ever been in an SUV once but it wasn't as breathtaking as this one. It dreams of money that I so dearly need.

I hear the engine roar to life and work on trying to calm my nerves down.

Much too soon we arrive at the place.

That nauseous feeling you get when you're nervous remains at the pit of my stomach as I step out of the car.

We're at a hotel.

The air smelled of money. A single night in this hotel will most definitely make me broke for life.

Thank goodness Danny gave me one of her dresses to wear or else I'll look too cheap if I wore one of my own compared to the silk and fur coats proudly worn by the women. 

Nervously I deeply inhale, slowly making my way further down the luxurious lobby.

"Miss kadesa?" Before I even manage to reach the front desk,a man in uniform walks up to me with a name tag that read Simson.

"Y-yes?" I cleared my throat, slightly startled by a stranger calling my name.

He broadly smiled showing of his teeth that looked whitened for the purpose to please the clients," Mr. Namboga is expecting you. Please follow me".
Without waiting for my response,he starts walking towards the elevator.

I quickly caught up,my high heels clicking against the hard wood.

"10th floor,room number 818",he says before turning to leave.

I breathed a quiet sigh,my eyes skimming over the number on the doors.




Finally, I spotted the correct door and my steps halted.

Seems like there are only three doors on this floor.

This is it...

*Knock knock*


Knocking a little louder "Come in" His voice rang. A shudder ran through me.

I have never been exposed to such luxury ever in my life.

This is a ... penthouse?

Its a combination of black and ... black.

He must really like black.

"I don't appreciate you ogling my penthouse even more that you're  late Miss Ammy. My time is of essence and its not to be wasted by anybody", He says snaps.


"I- I'm sorry mr. Namboga", I can't help but stutter due to his intimidating form. He's standing ramrod straight with one of his hands in his pocket. He looks hot. Very hot.

Get. A. Grip. On yourself dumbass.

His eyes roam over my body and my heart nearly jumps out of my ribcage. I didn't fail to notice how his jaw clenched along with his fists.

"Please take a sit ",he says. "Would you like anything to drink?"

"W-water. I would like water", dear Lord the time to stop stuttering is already now.

Shortly after, he returns with papers in his hand and a glass of water in the other.

"Lets get down to it",he says sitting a fair distance away at the misogyny table.

"Right", I say taking a sip from my glass of water.

I wonder why he chose to live on his own. Away from Reece and mrs. Emma.


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